Words of Wisdom: Free hugs once a day

Such a basic human thing that any human should be able to give another. It costs nothing so everyone can afford to give free hugs. I would be grateful if a teacher gave my kid a hug if they were having a bad day. The best part about giving a hug is that you usually get one back — for free!

Interpersonal Skills That Can Change Your Life

Want to improve your relationship with your spouse, children, employer, employees, customers, strangers or even yourself? It’s not complicated. Stop focusing on yourself! Start seeing things from their perspective. The following are the cornerstone interpersonal skills to master that can change your life include: Attentiveness: Making eye contact, listening without interrupting and accepting nonjudgementally the other person’s inherent world. Acknowledgement, Appreciation: Noticing the others efforts to be helpful or nice and commenting on them positively. Empathy: Recognizing other’s circumstances, imagening what they must be like, acknowledging in a respectful manner how they must feel. Think about someone with whom you are having … Continue reading

Making a Family Emergency Plan

During an emergency here in Canada, it can take a while before help arrives so it is essential to be prepared for those times. Public Safety Canada offers important advice for Canadians: Know the most important risks you face where you live, such as earthquakes, floods, blizzards or wildfires. Develop a family emergency plan that lays out where family members should meet in an emergency, how to escape from your home or neighbourhood, how to deal with children at school or daycare and other matters. Put together a basic family emergency kit with enough water and imperishable food for three … Continue reading

Basic Financial Management for Kids

There is a lot to learn about money before one can be responsible enough to start earning it. So many parents think they are showing their kids that they are loved or helping their kids by buying them the things they want (or claim to need). What they are actually doing is teaching them is to indulge in short term instant gratification instead of long term fulfillment. On the other hand, there are parents who don’t have the means to do this for their children and simply tell them that they can’t afford it without any further explanation. The tween … Continue reading

School Season and Allowances for Kids

Many of the ideas in the “Jobs for Kids” article can be applied during the school season however some parents might prefer to see their children focus on their studies instead. There is no right or wrong answer to this. However I recommend that you still teach your child basic money management skills. Start by sitting down with your child to develop a financial plan. Include clothing, school supplies, bus pass (if applicable). Don’t forget to allocate money for unforeseen field trips. You can contact the teachers to get a better idea on those costs. Determine the total amount of … Continue reading

Jobs for Kids

Is your 12-18 years old child asking you for money to buy things they want? While I believe it is every parents job to provide to a childs needs, teaching him/her how to make money on his/her own to buy the things they want instead of giving it to them can be a life-altering gift to them… even if they don’t see it that way at first. “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” — Chinese proverb As a parent, one of your roles … Continue reading

How to Accept Compliments and Love Criticism

Which do you tend to believe and more easily accept, compliments or criticism? Why? If you said criticism, how would you feel if you decided to only accept compliments and had a new and better way of dealing with criticism? Did you know? Criticism is actually only offered when someone is hurting and really wants heartfelt understanding from you (weird eh?) OR when someone is being courageous enough to offer you help. Hmm… something to think about next time you feel criticized. … Continue reading

Reduce Your Stress by Giving Your Child a Better Way of Tattling

When a young child comes to you to you to tell you about a problem they are having or about what someone else did, do you send them away telling them to stop tattling? Next time this happens, stop for a moment and ask yourself: Why does this child feels the need to come talk to me? Young children often don’t know how to explain what they really want or need and it can appear to come through to you the adult as tattling. Some people never outgrow this phase. This is an important age when taking a few minutes … Continue reading

Six Basic Human Needs

According to Anthony Robbins, regardless of our gender, our culture or where we live in the world, all humans have six basic human needs. They include the need for: Certainty / Faith — We all have a need for certainty in our lives. While it is true that there are absolute certainties in life, we do take certain things for granted. Another word for certainty could then be defined as faith. Each day, we drive along roads with nothing more than a painted line on the road to separate us from oncoming traffic. The only way we can manage to do this is … Continue reading

Really good at Math but don’t know what to do with your life?

It’s a shame that most students don’t realize the extraordinary situation they are in. You might be still living with your parents receiving food, shelter, financial and emotional support. This is a time to go out and figure out what you like and don’t like so that you can then bring it all together into, not just a random guess at a future but a future career that is fun and fulfilling. When you take the time to discover what you really enjoy, you end up with a career that feels almost like going to play every day and having someone pay … Continue reading