Free Graphics and Photos for Your Website

Here is a list of sites that offer free graphics you can use on your site. Note that some of these sites and even some specific photos require that you provide attibution (credit) to the original owner and not all of them are free for commercial use. Always read the license and understand the terms and conditions for the images before you use them. Flickr: Creative Commons WikiMedia — Free Images WikiMedia — Piblic Domain Canadian Tourism Commission — Photo & Videos Media Centre EveryStockPhoto — Photo Search Engine Free Stock Photos — Directory at Fotolia — Free photo of the … Continue reading

Corporate Style Headshots, Are They Really Worth the Investment?

What follows is just my opinion and is based on personal observation. Every small and medium size business website should include a photo of the business owner and primary contacts. Including a professional photo of yourself on your business website connects people to your products and services. To help you get started take a look at the examples of headshots on Google images to help you decide what kind of photo you would like and what you should be looking for in a photo of you. Headshot Photography Tips If you look at them all, you will start to notice some … Continue reading

Protecting Your Published Photos

Watermarks A easy and less intrusive way of adding a watermark to your photos in Photoshop is to add a watermark using simple to follow instructions. Instead of watermarking your photos with the name of your website, watermark them with the address of your website. For example: “”. That way, if the photo should get out of your control and/or you end up posting it on someone elses website, people will know where it came from and where to find you in particular without having to do any research on your company name. Watermarking won’t eliminate the possibility of people … Continue reading