About Moodle Forums

The News Forum is a special Moodle forum for general announcements relating individual courses. One of these is automatically included when you create a new course. By default, only teachers and administrators can post in. Students can only read posts in this forum and won’t see see any button to post or reply. Unlike News Forums, Forum activities in a course are actually interactive. Everyone including students and teachers in the course can post new topics and reply to posts by other people.For more information, see the Moodle Forum FAQ. By the way, you can rename these forums to whatever suits … Continue reading

Showing Students their Student ID in Moodle

Many people don’t realize that Moodle generates ID’s for every student on the site. Unfortunately there is built-in way to show students their ID. The easiest way to show students their student ID in Moodle without any programming is to use a 3rd party Moodle plugin called Configurable Reports. It is usually used to generate reports in Moodle but can easily be adapted to just provide students with their ID. Here is an example of how you would go about using this plugin. Install the Configurable reports plugin. Login as a site administrator. Go to the Front Page and turn on … Continue reading

Transfering / copying courses from one Moodle site to another

Here are the steps to transfer your content from an existing Moodle site into another: Backup your courses from the old Moodle. Moodle provides two ways of backing up your courses. You can do this individually or by scheduling an Automated course backup which will backup all of your courses in one shot which can be a real time-saver if you have many. When setting up the backup settings, be sure to tell it not to included user/student information as you won’t need this on the destination site. Download the course backup files from your Moodle site. Restore each course on the destination Moodle site. Unfortunately … Continue reading

Developers – How to get started in Moodle development

For developers just getting started in Moodle development, testing and fixing 3rd party Moodle plugins which are not currently supported the latest version of Moodle is a great way to get started on your way to learning how Moodle works. These plugins often just need simple fixes, updates to deprecated API calls and stuff like that. Start by browsing through the list of 3rd party plugins and choose a plugin that is of interest to you. If you think it would be useful for you, chances are there are others who would think so too. Next contact the author before you start just to make sure … Continue reading

Sending Custom Emails in Moodle Using the email_to_user() Function

You can send custom emails from within Moodle using PHP using your own forms using the email_to_user() function. By the way, did you know that Moodle actually uses the open source PHPMailer behind the scenes? A typical call to Moodle’s email_to_user() function would look like: email_to_user($toUser, $fromUser, $subject, $messageText, $messageHtml, ”, ”, true); This is a very simple version of a very powerful function. For more information about the email_to_user() function, take a look at the source code for function email_to_user in Moodle’s /lib/moodlelib.php. If you wanted to also include an attachment, you would need to also specify the path to the file to attach … Continue reading

Upgrading Moodle packages for Windows (XAMPP Control Panel, PHP, phpMyAdmin, Apache, MySQL)

Moodle 2.3 to 2.6.1+ for Windows comes with pieces of XAMPP 1.7.4. Although it works well, the version of PHP that comes included with it is buggy, lacks some key features for development such as a modern control panel and phpMyAdmin. Here is how you can fix some of the problem and upgrade your environment. Upgrading PHP What prompted me to look into this was that Apache was constantly crashing and the following message appeared my Apache error log: [notice] Parent: child process exited with status 3221225477 — Restarting. Here is how to upgrade PHP: Download PHP 5.3.29 — be … Continue reading

Git for Moodle Developers on Windows

The Git for Developers page on Moodle.org is pretty helpful in getting you started in developing for the Moodle LMS platform. However if you need to use Git on Windows for your Moodle development, there are some differences as the Git for Developers page often assumes you are using Git on Linux. This page summarizes how Moodle developers can use Git on Windows to create fixes and patches for Moodle core code however much of it could be applied to other open source projects on GitHub. This article covers the following topics: Setting Up Your Moodle Development Environment Configuring Git … Continue reading

Getting Started in Moodle

Moodle is an Open Source Learning Management System (LMS) application that enables you to make online training courses available to your customers. This tutorial covers some of the basics of how to get your first Moodle 2.5 course up and running including: Installing Moodle Locally for Development Installing Moodle on your Web Server Creating a new category Creating a new course Editing existing course settings Adding content to your course Modifying the appearance of your Moodle site Enrolling Students Automatically Logging in Guests Troubleshooting Tips If you are just starting in Moodle development, be sure to check out the free Introduction … Continue reading