Using YouTube Videos On Your Website

YouTube Settings YouTube is actually pretty good at resizing your video to the required size. Unless you are looking for optimal quality, try simply uploading your video and see how it turns out first. Why fix something if it isn’t broken? Embedding Code WordPress can natively embed videos right in the editor. Simply place the embed shortcode tags before and after the URL. If the address magically turns into a link, you will need to break the link using the unlink tool in the editors toolbar. Some editors may also have this option in the context menu. For other websites, you will need to … Continue reading

12 Essential WordPress Plugins/Themes for Business Websites

WordPress is a great way to easily create a business website. With thousands of plugins, one could almost say that, if you have a business need, there’s a plugin for that. That being said, not all plugins are created equally. As many of the free ones are created by volunteers, the quality and list of features will vary from one developer to the next. Plugins are small applications that plug into WordPress to give it additional features. Here is a short list of the most essential plugins for your business website: 1. Security Askimest — Seriously reduces the amount of … Continue reading

Working with WordPress SEO by Yoast, the Root Relative URLs plugin and Facebook

Having problems getting Facebook Like buttons to work on your website? Are you also using something like the Root Relative URLs plugin to make all your URLs relative to the root of the site instead of to the domain? The Root Relative URLs plugin is a wonderful add-on to WordPress which not only not only help reduce the size of your web pages, but more importantly to developers, it make your website or blog portable by making all new links created on your website relative to the root of your website instead of the domain. While this works fine in … Continue reading

My First Business Website – What questions should I be asking?

I often speak with entrepreneurs who wonder how they are going to get their first business website up when they don’t even know what questions to ask. One of the best ways to find out what questions you should be asking is to ask people the following empowering question: What questions should I be asking? It’s a great way to size up the person you are talking with. After you’ve done it with 2-3 different people, you’ll already start to get an idea of what you want and what you should be asking. I always say, the only dumb questions … Continue reading

WordPress Breaks Subdomains

Is your subdomain or even different domain is being affected by the WordPress installation in your primary domain? The problem might be in the .htaccess file of your primary domain. For example, lets say you have a WordPress website or blog as your primary site and any number of websites in folders below that. If someone types in a bad URL for one of your alternate domains, the request gets routed to the /index.php, even if it doesn’t exist in the alternate domains. This is especially problematic for 404 errors which may not be handled by the /index.php if it does exist. … Continue reading

Using Irfanview to Speed-up a Slow Web Page by Reducing the Size of Images

Does your webpage take a very long time to show up the first time you open it in your browser? Does it even take more time on slower Internet connections? The problem might be the size of your image files. Always resize and apply changes to the original image in order to preserve the best possible quality image. The two biggest causes for large images which cause your website to be slow include: The height and width of the image are too big The quality of the image is too high I have seen many people upload stock photos or … Continue reading

Our 50 Favourite Free WordPress Plugins

Tested and Useful WordPress Plugins Akismet — Prevents spam in visitors comments. AntiVirus — Protects your site from melicious plugins and themes. Black Studio TinyMCE Widget — Adds a WYSIWYG text editor widget. Broken Link Checker — Automatically validates all links on your site and notifies you by email if any are broken. Cleverness To-Do List — Keep track of what needs to be done on your site or in your life. Contact Form 7 — One of the best form managers available for WordPress. Even allows you to send out more than one email upon submission. Can also be … Continue reading

Moderating Comments in WordPress

I believe in freedom of speech and will normally allow good and bad comments alike to appear on my blog as long as they are not offensive or abusive. However there are automated computers out there just go around from one site to the next looking to spew spam into the comments of your blog in the hopes of creating links back to the owners website so that search engines will think that their site is popular. While Akismet will help get rid of some of that junk, unfortunately the rest will get through. One way to deal with this … Continue reading

Changing Your Email Address in WordPress

Want to change your email address in WordPress? There are actually two places you might want to do this: Your Profile and WordPress General Settings Your Personal Profile Login to WordPress as admin Click on Users in the left-hand menu Click on the admin username Change the E-Mail address in the Contact Info section to Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Update Profile WordPress General Settings This is the email address that emails will come from when they are sent by your WordPress site: Click Settings Update the E-Mail Address field Scroll down to the bottom of the … Continue reading