Debugging in JavaScript

One of the most popular ways of debugging in JavaScript when you are just getting started is to use the JavaScript alert() and input() functions. However there are times when clicking OK repeatedly can become tedious not to mention time consuming. Here are a few additional advanced JavaScript debugging techniques you can use to help increase your productivity. JavaScript Console API Functions Unlike the alert(), this the console API functions just displays a message in the debugger console and continue execution. For example: console.log(“Total is now: ” + t); There are other useful console API functions for debugging: console.log() … Continue reading

Reparing Windows 7

Here are a few links to tools and help to guide you through repairing Windows 7. IMPORTANT: Use at your own risk. Always backup your computer before trying these as they can potentially make the situation worse or even impossible to use your computer. At the very least, create a system restore point. Fix Microsoft Windows 7 Windows 7: System Restore Windows 7: How to Boot to the System Recovery Options in Windows 7 Windows 7: SFC /SCANNOW Command — System File Checker Windows 7: Repair Install Windows Repair Windows 7: Service Pack 1 New cleanup tool for Windows old Hot Fixes… … Continue reading