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Forcing Links to Open in a New Tab or Window

Have you ever found yourself browsing the web on a smartphone and clicked on something that opened in a new tab? It is almost impossible to tell when this happens. In fact, many people don’t even realize that browsers on… Continue Reading →

Which Web Development Programming Languages Should I Learn?

I am often asked this question by other Web developers. In fact, I regularly need to figure decide which web programming languages and technologies I need to learn next as part of my life long learning. Start with Web Browser Technologies Did… Continue Reading →

Developers – How to get started in Moodle development

For developers just getting started in Moodle development, testing and fixing 3rd party Moodle plugins which are not currently supported the latest version of Moodle is a great way to get started on your way to learning how Moodle works. These plugins… Continue Reading →

Changing Notepad++’s default source code language for new documents

Notepad++ is a great editing tool for web developers. I know many, including myself, who use this together with Adobe Dreamweaver for their HTML development because there are just some things that Notepad++ does better than Dreamweaver including syntax colouring and HTML… Continue Reading →

Media Queries with Older Browsers

Did You Know? Media queries are part of CSS3 and allow web designers to customize CSS definitions for the layout depending on the device and screen width thereby creating a single Responsive Web Design that adapts to the visitors environment which… Continue Reading →

Using CSS to make DIV go around Float

At some point, most HTML developers end up in a situation where they use the float:right and/or float:left property and then notice that the DIV going around it isn’t wrapping the content anymore. Broken Example You can reproduce this in… Continue Reading →

Using jQuery Dropdown to Display Select Content

Here is a technique that uses jQuery to reduce the length of web pages containing repetitive formatted information. You can use it to display images as seen below or information such as people profiles. This is flexible too because the… Continue Reading →

Add a Search Page to a WordPress Site Using Weaver II Theme

To create a search page for the Weaver II theme: Create a new page Set the title to Search or Search Website Set the Permalink to search Set the parent is set to (no parent) unless you want it to… Continue Reading →

Get Google Verified Authorship for Your Website

Some people claim that getting getting Google Verified Authorship for your site can actually increase click throughs and even rakings. While I’m not sure about that, if there is even a chance that this is true, can you afford not… Continue Reading →

WCAG 2.0 – Compliant HTML Tables

Below are examples of WCAG 2.0 compliant HTML tables. Be sure not to duplicate the table Caption and Summary as both will be read by screen readers. Simple Tables (skip to Complex Table) Here is sample source code for creating a… Continue Reading →

Add Terms and Conditions Checkbox to PayPal button

There are times when you will want your clients to read and accept terms and conditions before making a payment in PayPal. The great thing about the following approach is that it will work for just about any website, whether the site… Continue Reading →

Language Tagging in HTML

When specifying the language of text or links which does not match the language of the page, the language should be specified using lang=”xx” xml:lang=”xx” where you would replace “xx”. Here is a complete list of language tags used on… Continue Reading →

Resources for Web Developers

Image Repository Canaidan Tourism Commission Media Centre Fotolia iStockPhoto Shutterstock Images StockFreeImages Stock.Xchng On-line Tools Photo Editor Text Comparison Tool Text QuickDiff Tool Subtitle Horse Converters Real-time HTML Editor Programming Languages ASP.Net CSS HTML Javascript SQL VB.net Search Engine Optimization… Continue Reading →

WCAG 2.0 – Formatting Links to Downloadable Files

WCAG 2,0 brings with it many recommendations which are not only necessary for accessibility but much overdue when it comes to SEO. Most people don’t realize that search engines are actually blind. As such, they can’t see photos, can’t conceptualize… Continue Reading →

Web Development Validation Tools

WC3 HTML Validation — the W3 validator — checks document mark up WAVE — Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool — web accessibility validation tool Colour Contrast Analyser 2.2 for Web Pages — helps you determine if colour contrast is sufficient AChecker accessibility tool –… Continue Reading →

Using YouTube Videos On Your Website

YouTube Settings YouTube is actually pretty good at resizing your video to the required size. Unless you are looking for optimal quality, try simply uploading your video and see how it turns out first. Why fix something if it isn’t… Continue Reading →

Meta Description and Meta Keyword Validation

Leading SEO specialists say that, although meta description and keyword tags it have little value with search engines anymore, there is still some little value which is why they themselves put meta keywords and meta description tags in their own website… Continue Reading →

Basic HTML Course in 5 Minutes or Less

An HTML file is simply a text file with an HTML filename extension like index.htm or mypage.html. A filename extension and is letters that appears after the rightmost period, in this case .htm or .html. HTML files can be edited… Continue Reading →

Adding a Transparent Caption to Photos

There are times when, instead of placing the caption to your photo below it, you might want to overlay it. You can accomplish this in a relatively simply way by first adding the following to your list of styles: And… Continue Reading →

Bullets in IE9 or IE10 Beside Float Left Image

Only in IE9 and IE10 can you find bullets that decide to join the image instead of staying with the text. In some situations, the bullets will even end up under the image leaving you wondering where they went. Cross-browser… Continue Reading →

WCAG 2.0 HTML Tips

Multilingual Website: If your website had content in more than one language, be sure to identify the default language of the page using the HTML tag itself. Example: <html xmlns=”http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml” xml:lang=”fr” lang=”fr”> Mixed Language in Same Page: If you have… Continue Reading →

Using CSS to Create Columns

Here is a simple technique to create as many parallel columns as you need. Unlike most solutions, this one works equally well with any number of columns as long as you can divide 100 by the number of equal columns… Continue Reading →

Creating HTML Inline Forms

Here is an HTML/CSS example of how to create an inline form: LOGIN: <form action=”#” method=”get” id=”login” style=”display:inline!important;”> <label for=’User’>User:</label> <input type=’text’ name=’User’ id=’User’> <label for=’password’>Password:</label><input type=’password’ name=’password’ id=’password’> <input type=”submit” name=”log” id=”log” value=”Login” /></form> [?] The result is: LOGIN:… Continue Reading →

Online Manuals

Here is a list of useful manuals Content Management Systems (CMS) / Websites Website Baker WordPress Programming Languages CSS HTML Javascript PHP vbScript

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