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Dealing with a mean bad boss

It depends on what you mean by a really bad boss. I’ve had some bosses that kept having me do things that were not really my job. I may not have liked it at the time but I learned so… Continue Reading →

Building a Sustainable Future

Want to make the world a better place? It’s our children who are going to shape our future and, next to parenting, providing these children with the best possible education will create a sustainable future for our economy and our… Continue Reading →

Words of Wisdom: We shouldn’t all be millionaires

Think about this for a moment. If you make everyone millionaires, all you end up doing is devaluating your currency. In fact, the same can be said of raising minimum wage. Everything ends up being more expensive because employers then… Continue Reading →

Unemployed and looking for a job? Congratulations!

Congratulations on your new job! Think of it as contract work where you get paid when you are finish the job… which of course is to go shopping 7.5 hours a day for a new job! Make the most of… Continue Reading →

Which Web Development Programming Languages Should I Learn?

I am often asked this question by other Web developers. In fact, I regularly need to figure decide which web programming languages and technologies I need to learn next as part of my life long learning. Start with Web Browser Technologies Did… Continue Reading →

The Power of Hello!

HELLO! Do you say “Hello!” to strangers when walking down the street? You can even be fancy and say “Good morning!” or “Good evening!”. Time and time again, I have seen the unfriendliest looking face turn warm and friendly using that one… Continue Reading →

The Power of the Information Meeting when Searching for a Job

Information meeting, what some call Informational Interviews, are extremely useful. In a time when it is difficult to find jobs, it is relatively much easier to just meet with people, learn about them and their organizations, what kind of projects… Continue Reading →

Remove Red and Green Underlines in Word

Using Microsoft Word, you’ve created a professional high quality report at work, or a resume if you are looking for a job. It’s ready to be published to the target reader. The only problem is, it’s full of red (potential spelling… Continue Reading →

What is Your Perception of the Economy?

It’s a very interesting question. Down in the U.S. and even in most parts of the world, the economy has taken a beating over the past several years. While not immune, according to the Invest in Canada Factsheet, this has… Continue Reading →

How a Job Search is like Shopping

As many people know, the process of shopping (job search) involves knowing what you are looking for (position), how much you want to pay (salary) and going to stores (businesses) that sell things (jobs) you might be interested. They may or may not… Continue Reading →

Is it a good idea to connect in advance with a person who will be interviewing you?

I think it is a great idea. In fact, I suggest connecting with people by telephone and even try to meet with them to learn about them, their projects and the company in advance even before applying for a job,… Continue Reading →

Finding fun and play in your work

Anything you do can be fun and meaningful to you. It’s all a matter of how you look at it. Wayne Dyer says that when you change the way you look things, what you see changes and what you do… Continue Reading →

The 5 Year Cycle of Creative People

While there are many people in the world who are quite content to go do their job every day until the moment they retire, there are also people who can’t seem to stay happy in a job for more than… Continue Reading →

Job Finding – IT Networking in Ottawa

<< NOTE: Archived. An updated version of this content has been published on www.tngconsulting.ca/consulting >> Below is a list of some of the IT consulting companies that I recommend in the National Capital Region of Ottawa, Ontario Canada. Call them up… Continue Reading →

Job Finding – Resume Tips

Resume Tip #1: Make it look its best — Use the same tense throughout your resume, spell check it, grammar check it and then be sure to save it in Print View. When the employer opens the MS Word document,… Continue Reading →

Job Finding – Job Search Tips

Here are some job search tips that will hopefully help you land that dream job or career. Dress like you mean business — Try to always wear formal business attire when meeting with people. I have been told that qualified… Continue Reading →

Job Finding – Sample Email

Here is a sample of an email I typically send out with my resume AFTER contacting a consulting organization by telephone or when applying for a job. Naturally I customize it a little to address the specifics of what I… Continue Reading →

Job Finding – A Momentum Quick Start Reference

Whether you are looking for a job as an employee or your next contract as a consultant, the following information will help you accelerate your job search significantly. The Calling Card Your Name Telephone Number Language Ability Special accreditations and/or security… Continue Reading →

Perspective is Everything When Looking for a Job

Depending on how you look at it, looking for a job can be scary and even discouraging. I say depending on how you look because, just like in art, if you change your perspective, you can see things in a… Continue Reading →

Your Support Circle

[Note: needs more info] One of the important things to do when you are in business by yourself is to build up your support circle. This can include: Connectors When you market to a potential client, you end up with… Continue Reading →

Great Advice for Choosing Your Career

[note to self: Portions may require re-writing] I believe that everyone should take the time to find their passion in life. When you do that, it gives you purpose, direction, the motivation and the drive to actually achieve their goals…. Continue Reading →

Want to make a great impression by email? Read this first.

Need to make a good impression when sending out an important email? Send it to yourself first to see what it will look like. Many people don’t realize that some email programs, like Microsoft Outlook, are notorious for sending out… Continue Reading →

Key Secrets to Generating a Passive Income

Anyone who has ever successfully generated a passive income knows that the secret key is in figuring out how to generate a daily passive income of $1.00. I mean how hard can that be? Once you can successfully do that, you will be 90% of the way to your goal. I can hear some of you already: “What am I supposed to do with just $1.00 a day Michael? I need/want more than that!”

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