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WCAG 2.0 – Closed Caption, Describe Video and Transcripts

Adding (or burning) captions into raw videos will not satisfy WCAG 2.0 criteria because the text then becomes part of the image which will not be narrated by screen readers or displayed on braille device. Real Closed Caption (CC) /… Continue Reading →

Camtasia alternatives and other media tools for screencasting

Camtasia is one of the best and most complete set of tools out there for capturing a recording of your screen (called screencasting) but comes at a cost of $313.99 per person (as of this writing). While you might be able… Continue Reading →

Finding a Photo’s License Using Google Images Search Tool

Have you ever come across the perfect photo and wanted to use it on your blog, website, social media post like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, report or print publication? Google Images has a very useful tool to search for an… Continue Reading →

The Secret to Happiness is Reflection and Gratitude


Poor Man’s Camtasia in Windows 7

Camtasia by TechSmith is by far the best screen recorder available today. Unfortunately it also comes with a premium price tag which, while great value to professionals, might not be affordable to everyone. Here is how you can use free… Continue Reading →

Making Print Screen Screenshots in Windows

You can capture a screenshot of almost anything that appears on your computer by using any of the following methods in Windows: There is a great free tool called Greenshot that works with the Print Screen button. It allows you to capture any part of… Continue Reading →

Video and Audio Formats for the Web

Publishing audio or video media on the web? When creating audio or video for publication on the web, here are some guidelines to ensure that yours can be heard and viewed on all computers, tablets  and smartphones. The only assumption is that… Continue Reading →

Resources for Web Developers

Image Repository Canaidan Tourism Commission Media Centre Fotolia iStockPhoto Shutterstock Images StockFreeImages Stock.Xchng On-line Tools Photo Editor Text Comparison Tool Text QuickDiff Tool Subtitle Horse Converters Real-time HTML Editor Programming Languages ASP.Net CSS HTML Javascript SQL VB.net Search Engine Optimization… Continue Reading →

Using Irfanview to Speed-up a Slow Web Page by Reducing the Size of Images

Does your webpage take a very long time to show up the first time you open it in your browser? Does it even take more time on slower Internet connections? The problem might be the size of your image files…. Continue Reading →

Can’t Print to HP Officejet from Photoshop Elements

Can’t seem to print from Photoshop Elements? You’re not alone. People have reported similar problems from Photoshop Elements 7, 8, 9 and 10 from Windows Vista and Windows 7. It either prints a blank page, causes the printer to go… Continue Reading →

Creating Your Profile Photo for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+

You’ve decided to join the Social Media revolution — Welcome dear friend! So how do you make a profile photo that will look good? The secret is to ALWAYS work with a copy of the original photo! Photography & Cropping Quick… Continue Reading →

Free Graphics and Photos for Your Website

Here is a list of sites that offer free graphics you can use on your site. Note that some of these sites and even some specific photos require that you provide attibution (credit) to the original owner and not all of… Continue Reading →

Corporate Style Headshots, Are They Really Worth the Investment?

What follows is just my opinion and is based on personal observation. Every small and medium size business website should include a photo of the business owner and primary contacts. Including a professional photo of yourself on your business website… Continue Reading →

Protecting Your Published Photos

Watermarks A easy and less intrusive way of adding a watermark to your photos in Photoshop is to add a watermark using simple to follow instructions. Instead of watermarking your photos with the name of your website, watermark them with… Continue Reading →

Cropping Photos For Print

Have you ever cropped a photo in order to get the perfect composition and then have it not fit quite right when you go to print it? This article will discuss techniques you can use to ensure your crops produce the intended results each time.

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