What follows is just my opinion and is based on personal observation.

Every small and medium size business website should include a photo of the business owner and primary contacts. Including a professional photo of yourself on your business website connects people to your products and services.

To help you get started take a look at the examples of headshots on Google images to help you decide what kind of photo you would like and what you should be looking for in a photo of you.

Headshot Photography Tips

If you look at them all, you will start to notice some common elements.

  • 99% of them are photos where the person is looking at the camera. That being said, the better photos are rarely taken straight on but taken on an angle.
  • The head is often at an angle (but not too much).
  • The background is either a solid colour, a business setting, or blurred or just insufficient to say what it is.
  • The focus is always very good. The best photos always ensure the eyes are in focus. The best photos are taken using a tripod (or at least from an immovable surface) to ensure sharp pictures.
  • The lighting is soft. There is a general misconception by amateur photographers that the best time of day to take a photo is mid-day. Many also falsely believe think that a flash always produces better photos. The fact is, as good professionals photographer will tell you, that the best time of the day is early morning when you are rested and the lighting from the sun is warmer.  A built-in flash produces un-natural shadows and harsh lighting -- never great photos. I only use a flash if there is really no other way to capture the photo and it is for personal use only. There are two exceptions to this rule. I do use a flash in the middle of the day to fill in shadows. I also use a flash when the light source is behind the person to prevent the person from coming out too dark.
  • Most photos are close-ups so that you can see peoples eyes. If you take the time and look into peoples eyes, you can almost tell who is confident and who isn't. Confidence comes from behind the eyes. If you stand tall and feel confidence from just behind your eyes, that will come through in a photo.
  • People are always well dressed in business attire (you got this one covered).
  • The orientation is typically portrait (hence the term "portrait").
  • It's probably a good idea to schedule your photography session on days when you your hair done so that you are looking and feeling your best. Be sure to arrive after a good nights sleep too.
  • People are generally smiling as if they are welcoming you and are genuinely happy to see you… maybe even having a little fun at what they do.

Be aware that almost every photographer will tell you that they can do a headshot for you but the right photographer, who specializes in headshots, will know how to draw out the best possible photo from you.

I believe such a headshot would really be well worth it.  Such a photo can not only be used on your website but on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, biographies, publicity, newspaper articles, etc… not to mention that it will really make you feel great,  raise your level of self-confident and bring a personal touch to potential customers who want to connect with you.