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This is where I come to jot down ideas for articles as a result of my work experience over the years. Eventually some of these articles will make it into my business website. Please forgive any typos, incorrect sentence structures, length of articles, and even incorrect content in some cases.

One of the things I have come to realize over the years is that it is not always important to be perfect. What often counts is that we manage to communicate our ideas across to those you are trying to help.

The content on this site is a result of many years of accumulated useful knowledge in many different areas. It's essentially where I go to do brain dumps so I can make room for more content without worrying about forgetting the stuff I already know.

If you are one of those people who can't stand poor penmanship, typos, text that doesn't look like it's been proof read, wait. Eventually most of these articles will make it elsewhere on the web and hopefully the one you were interested in will be amongst them.

Otherwise, you are more than welcome to browse through the articles contained on this site. Just remember, these are only drafts (some more than other).


Michael Milette
TNG Consulting Inc.

About the Author

With over 30 years of professional experience and 40 years developing computer software, Michael Milette's talents include technical project management and coordination, technical analysis, IT and business solutions research, IT architecture, web site and legacy application development, remote access implementation, personal coaching, and end user, second and third level technical support. He has experience in the areas of life and business coaching, web development, Microsoft, Corel, Lotus office suites, document template development and conversion, and migrations from one suite to another. He has also developed and documented enterprise standards and renewal strategies and prepared and presented demos and presentations to technical and end users and management.

Founder and President of TNG Consulting Inc. since 1995, sharing technology and information isn't all he does. Michael is also a life and business coach and public speaker. His management and leadership skills have also extended to the scouting movement.

Whether you need personal or corporate IT services, give us a call. At TNG Consulting Inc., we don't provide computer services, we provide services to people who use computers. Ensuring you are getting the most out of your computers and IT projects is important to the success of your organization.

Michael can be reached by telephone at 613-825-0091 or by visiting www.tngconsulting.ca


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