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Dealing with a mean bad boss

It depends on what you mean by a really bad boss. I’ve had some bosses that kept having me do things that were not really my job. I may not have liked it at the time but I learned so… Continue Reading →

Building a Sustainable Future

Want to make the world a better place? It’s our children who are going to shape our future and, next to parenting, providing these children with the best possible education will create a sustainable future for our economy and our… Continue Reading →

Words of Wisdom: We shouldn’t all be millionaires

Think about this for a moment. If you make everyone millionaires, all you end up doing is devaluating your currency. In fact, the same can be said of raising minimum wage. Everything ends up being more expensive because employers then… Continue Reading →

Productivity Tip: Copy and Paste without Junk

Have you ever tried to copy information from a web page or a MS Word document and got more than you bargained for when you pasted it into another Word document or web page? Text often comes with unwanted junk… Continue Reading →

How to fire an employee

Letting someone go, regardless of the reason, is never an easy task. You are making a decision that is going to have an impact on someone’s life, maybe even affect their family. However, when you are responsible for a business,… Continue Reading →

Unemployed and looking for a job? Congratulations!

Congratulations on your new job! Think of it as contract work where you get paid when you are finish the job… which of course is to go shopping 7.5 hours a day for a new job! Make the most of… Continue Reading →

Finding a Photo’s License Using Google Images Search Tool

Have you ever come across the perfect photo and wanted to use it on your blog, website, social media post like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, report or print publication? Google Images has a very useful tool to search for an… Continue Reading →

24 Free Stock Photo Sites for Your Web Projects in 2024

Adding photos to your web page can be a great way to connect with visitors who are more visual and to make your website generally more appealing. Here is a list of websites where you can find free stock photos for… Continue Reading →

Setting Up a WordPress Website

Note: Originally published May 4, 2012 — updated August 28, 2016. Web Hosting Step 1. Get Web Hosting Sign up for Web Hosting, preferably with a company that offers a cPanel, Panelbox, 1-Click or Fantastico from a Web Hosting company… Continue Reading →

The Power of Hello!

HELLO! Do you say “Hello!” to strangers when walking down the street? You can even be fancy and say “Good morning!” or “Good evening!”. Time and time again, I have seen the unfriendliest looking face turn warm and friendly using that one… Continue Reading →

Setting up Office 2007 for Canadians

Launch Microsoft Office 2007 Language Settings Ensure that only the following 2 languages are in the Enabled Editing Languages list: — English (Canada) — French (Canada) Set Primary Editing Language to: English (Canada) Click OK to save.

Making Print Screen Screenshots in Windows

You can capture a screenshot of almost anything that appears on your computer by using any of the following methods in Windows: There is a great free tool called Greenshot that works with the Print Screen button. It allows you to capture any part of… Continue Reading →

Adding New Comments to the Mini Toolbar in Word 2010 & 2013

Unfortunately the Mini Toolbar in Word 2010 and 2013 can’t be customized to add an “Add Comments” button. However, here are a few other ways you can accomplish this. After highlighting your text using the keyboard or a mouse, do… Continue Reading →

Building Your Mailing List by Offering Free Downloads in WordPress

Offering a free eBook or other digital download on your website is a great way to build your email mailing list which you can then use for any number of business building purposes. Here are a few ways you can do this using Wordpress. Some… Continue Reading →

Excel Formulas – Converting between double letters and numbers

Converting numbers (1, 2, 3…676) to two letters (AA, AB, AC…ZZ) in Excel Formula 1: =CHAR(65+TRUNC((A1-1)/26)) & CHAR(65+MOD(A1-1,26)) Converting two letters (AA, AB, AC…ZZ) to numbers (1, 2, 3…676) in Excel Formula 2: =(CODE(MID(B1,1,1))-65)*26 + CODE(MID(B1,2,1))-64 Example The figure bellow… Continue Reading →

Reparing Windows 7

Here are a few links to tools and help to guide you through repairing Windows 7. IMPORTANT: Use at your own risk. Always backup your computer before trying these as they can potentially make the situation worse or even impossible to use… Continue Reading →

Decrementing Word Number List Without Hard Coded Value

There are times when you might want to create a list in reverse numbered order. For example, if you are listing projects or accomplishments in reverse chronological order (most recent at the top) and want to number them. You’ve probably seen… Continue Reading →

Remove Red and Green Underlines in Word

Using Microsoft Word, you’ve created a professional high quality report at work, or a resume if you are looking for a job. It’s ready to be published to the target reader. The only problem is, it’s full of red (potential spelling… Continue Reading →

Successful Business Support Rolodex

Here is a list of business resources that can help your business succeed: Free and Low Cost Business Cards — If you want to get yourself some business cards, visit www.vistaprint.ca and click on “Free Business Cards”. Choose and customize any of… Continue Reading →

How to Get a Custom URL for Your Facebook Timeline Page

When you create a Facebook page, you are automatically assigned a long and ugly URL made up of letters and numbers. Here are simple steps to customize your Facebook address so that it is short and sweet, not to mention easy to… Continue Reading →

Get Google Verified Authorship for Your Website

Some people claim that getting getting Google Verified Authorship for your site can actually increase click throughs and even rakings. While I’m not sure about that, if there is even a chance that this is true, can you afford not… Continue Reading →

What is Your Perception of the Economy?

It’s a very interesting question. Down in the U.S. and even in most parts of the world, the economy has taken a beating over the past several years. While not immune, according to the Invest in Canada Factsheet, this has… Continue Reading →

Bestest, fastest, easiest ways to proof your writing

If you write blogs, content for a website or even just status updates on social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, readers of your content will consider this a reflection of who you are and the quality of… Continue Reading →

Excel Quick Tip: Toggle View Formulas

Did You Know? Pressing Ctrl ~  in Microsoft Excel to toggle the visibility of formulas in the worksheet cells. It is the equivalent of: Office 2003: Clicking Tools > Options > View Formulas checkbox Office 2007 & 2010: Clicking the Formulas ribbon… Continue Reading →

Is it a good idea to connect in advance with a person who will be interviewing you?

I think it is a great idea. In fact, I suggest connecting with people by telephone and even try to meet with them to learn about them, their projects and the company in advance even before applying for a job,… Continue Reading →

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