Buying memory for your Laptop / Notebook

Thinking of adding more memory to your laptop? Buying more memory can often one of the best ways to increase the speed of your laptop. When a computer runs out of memory, the operating system will start using your hard drive store memory temporarily. Unfortunately hard disk is MUCH slower than memory resulting in even the fastest computers slowing down to a crawl. The good news is that, instead of buying memory from the manufacturer, you can often save some money if you have the right part number for your memory which you should be able to find out by asking … Continue reading

Shopping for the best laptop for web developement

As a developer with a diverse background in IT and web development, I prefer to purchase a solid laptop that will serve me for 5-7 years rather than replace it every 1-2 years. This is because it takes me over a week to install and configure all the software, tweaking the registry and getting things working just the way I need it. It’s been getting better since I discovered Ninite and Chocolatey but I still prefer not to do it any more than I have to. Another advantage is that, by the time I am through with a laptop and ready to replace … Continue reading

Tips for Getting Started with the WD My Book Backup Drive

There isn’t a lot of documentation that comes in the box with the WD My Book drive. This article will provide you with additional information will hopefully answer some of your questions regarding the My Book drive. The instructions are for Windows users and may be different if you are using a Mac/OS X or using a newer/different version of the software. Getting Started with the WD MyBook Drive Plug in the power supply to the wall/powerbar and to the drive. Don’t worry if it doesn’t turn on right away. That will happen in the next step. Plug the USB cable … Continue reading

Migrate HDD to SSD without re-installing

Changing the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) in your laptop, notebook, netbook or ultrabook to an new Solid-State Drive (SSD) drive can literally breath new life into your computer, even if it is 5 years old. In my experience, I’ve seen a performance increase of up to 5 to 10 times, possibly even more depending on your computer, especially if you’ve maxed out the computer’s Random Access Memory (RAM) memory in the computer. It is not uncommon to see the CPU become the bottleneck in a recently upgraded SSD wielding computers performance after years of it being the HDD. You’ll be surprised … Continue reading