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Which Web Development Programming Languages Should I Learn?

I am often asked this question by other Web developers. In fact, I regularly need to figure decide which web programming languages and technologies I need to learn next as part of my life long learning. Start with Web Browser Technologies Did… Continue Reading →

Developers – How to get started in Moodle development

For developers just getting started in Moodle development, testing and fixing 3rd party Moodle plugins which are not currently supported the latest version of Moodle is a great way to get started on your way to learning how Moodle works. These plugins… Continue Reading →

Debugging in JavaScript

One of the most popular ways of debugging in JavaScript when you are just getting started is to use the JavaScript alert() and input() functions. However there are times when clicking OK repeatedly can become tedious not to mention time… Continue Reading →

Introduction to JavaScript Debugging Techniques using Developer Tools

Most modern web browsers today, like Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, come with an integrated JavaScript debugger. If you’ve never one of these debuggers but do program in JavaScript, it will be well worth the few minutes of your time… Continue Reading →

Changing Notepad++’s default source code language for new documents

Notepad++ is a great editing tool for web developers. I know many, including myself, who use this together with Adobe Dreamweaver for their HTML development because there are just some things that Notepad++ does better than Dreamweaver including syntax colouring and HTML… Continue Reading →

Bookmarklets for Web Developers and Webmasters

Bookmarklets are short pieces of Javascript that can add useful functionality to your browser without installing any additional software on your computer. Installing a Bookmarklet Modern browsers: Simply drag and drop the link to the bookmarklet onto your browsers links bar…. Continue Reading →

Media Queries with Older Browsers

Did You Know? Media queries are part of CSS3 and allow web designers to customize CSS definitions for the layout depending on the device and screen width thereby creating a single Responsive Web Design that adapts to the visitors environment which… Continue Reading →

Using jQuery Dropdown to Display Select Content

Here is a technique that uses jQuery to reduce the length of web pages containing repetitive formatted information. You can use it to display images as seen below or information such as people profiles. This is flexible too because the… Continue Reading →

Add Terms and Conditions Checkbox to PayPal button

There are times when you will want your clients to read and accept terms and conditions before making a payment in PayPal. The great thing about the following approach is that it will work for just about any website, whether the site… Continue Reading →

Resources for Web Developers

Image Repository Canaidan Tourism Commission Media Centre Fotolia iStockPhoto Shutterstock Images StockFreeImages Stock.Xchng On-line Tools Photo Editor Text Comparison Tool Text QuickDiff Tool Subtitle Horse Converters Real-time HTML Editor Programming Languages ASP.Net CSS HTML Javascript SQL VB.net Search Engine Optimization… Continue Reading →

Web Development Validation Tools

WC3 HTML Validation — the W3 validator — checks document mark up WAVE — Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool — web accessibility validation tool Colour Contrast Analyser 2.2 for Web Pages — helps you determine if colour contrast is sufficient AChecker accessibility tool –… Continue Reading →

Zopim on Small Mobile Devices

Zopim offers a great way to add a text chat window right into your small business websites with their free Zopim Lite. While the customization features are limited in any Lite product, it is fully functional and doesn’t have the 30… Continue Reading →

Splitting a String in Javascript

You can parse out a string to split or extract the information as follows:

Adobe Acrobat Links to Developer Resources

To enable the JavaScript Debugger for LiveCycle Designer ES Inside the Acrobat Javascript SDK (about 1 hour) Javascript for Acrobat Developer Centre Strategies for Debugging PDF Javascript PDFScripting.com AcroDialgs — A better Javascript Dialogue Box Designing Tool

Featured Content Slider

If your website is based on WordPress or any of the other big names in CMS applications, chances are pretty good that you’ll have a healthy choice of content sliders available to you. However if your website is coded in… Continue Reading →

Useful Javascript Snippets

Here is a list of useful Javascripts to help you with your website. Please note that some of these may require that you provide attibution (credit) to the original owner of the tools. Always read the license and understand the… Continue Reading →

Online Manuals

Here is a list of useful manuals Content Management Systems (CMS) / Websites Website Baker WordPress Programming Languages CSS HTML Javascript PHP vbScript

Javascript and Cookies

First, the Javascript code: function SetCookie (name,value,expires,path,domain,secure) { // Example Use: SetCookie (name,value);    // Version 2.0 By Michael Milette, www.tngconsulting.ca    // Original JavaScript code by Duncan Crombie: dcrombie@chirp.com.au    if (value != null && value != “”)       document.cookie = name +… Continue Reading →

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