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Choosing a Realtor to Sell Your house

Disclaimer: I am not a realtor nor am I qualified to give any legal or other advice on matters relating to real estate. The following is just a draft of my personal research notes on the subject. Do not take… Continue Reading →

How to feel connected during COVID-19

Feeling disconnected because of COVID-19? Are you sure you are being 100% completely and totally honest with yourself? Maybe you just need a few friendly suggestions The first step is to make a list of 31 people you have not… Continue Reading →

Surviving Canadian Winters

The key to surviving Canadian winters is to dress appropriately warm and get involved in winter activities like skiing, winter camping, skating, snowshoeing, hiking and our many Winter festivals. If you start off with the mindset that it is a… Continue Reading →

Words of Wisdom: Free hugs once a day

Such a basic human thing that any human should be able to give another. It costs nothing so everyone can afford to give free hugs. I would be grateful if a teacher gave my kid a hug if they were… Continue Reading →

Interpersonal Skills That Can Change Your Life

Want to improve your relationship with your spouse, children, employer, employees, customers, strangers or even yourself? It’s not complicated. Stop focusing on yourself! Start seeing things from their perspective. The following are the cornerstone interpersonal skills to master that can change your… Continue Reading →

Making a Family Emergency Plan

During an emergency here in Canada, it can take a while before help arrives so it is essential to be prepared for those times. Public Safety Canada offers important advice for Canadians: Know the most important risks you face where… Continue Reading →

Basic Financial Management for Kids

There is a lot to learn about money before one can be responsible enough to start earning it. So many parents think they are showing their kids that they are loved or helping their kids by buying them the things… Continue Reading →

School Season and Allowances for Kids

Many of the ideas in the “Jobs for Kids” article can be applied during the school season however some parents might prefer to see their children focus on their studies instead. There is no right or wrong answer to this…. Continue Reading →

Jobs for Kids

Is your 12-18 years old child asking you for money to buy things they want? While I believe it is every parents job to provide to a childs needs, teaching him/her how to make money on his/her own to buy the… Continue Reading →

How to Accept Compliments and Love Criticism

Which do you tend to believe and more easily accept, compliments or criticism? Why? If you said criticism, how would you feel if you decided to only accept compliments and had a new and better way of dealing with criticism?… Continue Reading →

Reduce Your Stress by Giving Your Child a Better Way of Tattling

When a young child comes to you to you to tell you about a problem they are having or about what someone else did, do you send them away telling them to stop tattling? Next time this happens, stop for… Continue Reading →

Six Basic Human Needs

According to Anthony Robbins, regardless of our gender, our culture or where we live in the world, all humans have six basic human needs. They include the need for: Certainty / Faith — We all have a need for certainty in our lives…. Continue Reading →

Really good at Math but don’t know what to do with your life?

It’s a shame that most students don’t realize the extraordinary situation they are in. You might be still living with your parents receiving food, shelter, financial and emotional support. This is a time to go out and figure out what… Continue Reading →

What are We Really Saying When We Say No To Our Kids?

It takes a lot of courage for most people to speak their mind. Every time we say no to an adult or a child, either because something is too expensive, too far away, too hard or there isn’t enough time,… Continue Reading →

Your Personal First Aid Kit

I take my personal first aid kit with me when ever I leave the house, whether it is to go for a walk, bicycling, hiking, camping or most other activities. It has not only saved me from pain, I have… Continue Reading →

Lest We Forget

Did You Know? “Lest” is an Old English word that originated before the 12th century. While not as commonly used as it once was throughout the English speaking world, it is now predominantly used only in North America. According to… Continue Reading →

The Hidden Benefits of FUNdraising!

Did you know that there are many more benefits to fundraising besides the obvious financial one? Though we often have the best of intentions for our kids, we may actually be doing a disservice to our kids by doing fundraising for them. Here’s why…

Get Your Kids Involved in Creating Their First Vision Board

Kids love to do arts and crafts. They like to cut out pictures and glue them down. They like to draw and decorate. With a little encouragement, they can teach us a thing or two about creating a vision board…. Continue Reading →

Caring for your kids

With having to work, are you finding it difficult to be there for your kids?

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