One of the challenges parents face, especially single parents and parents where one of parents might be travelling away from home  regularly, is how to get their kids to school or be there for them when they get home after school. While there are many answers to this question, one of them could very well be to simply become more resourceful by becoming more social.

Of course you could always hire someone. However I would invite you to think about your potential support network. These people could include your spouse, a teenage child, a neighbour, another parent, or a friends teenager whom you trust be there. Another source might be to talk it over with your employer. They may be more flexible or supportive than you give them credit. If you start a little later in the morning, perhaps you could help out another parent who gets home a little earlier in the afternoon and could pickup your child for you after school.

The point is that there are always possibilities that we may not have considered. If you are stuck with what seems to either be an ultimatum (only 1 choice) or a dilemma (only 2 choices), trust yourself that there is a third choice out there, maybe more. Keep looking for it. It is very rare that you don't have at least three choices in life, even if the third is a poor choice or possibly not obvious.