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Words of Wisdom: Having a Bad Day? Smile!

Having a bad day? Smile! 🙂 This act floods your brain with feel-good chemicals making you more cheerful. Lucky for you, unlimited do-overs are included when it comes to smiling. Keep practising!

Information Overload? Refill your bucket

Your brain needs time to process information it is absorbing. If you don’t give it that space, it may lead to information overload where you start to feel overwhelmed all the time. If you are feeling overwhelmed and experiencing information… Continue Reading →

Water – Essential To Life

Water, who needs it? We all do actually. Depending on your age, our body is made up of  55% to 90% water. In fact, the only thing more important to our body is air. The general rule is that a… Continue Reading →

Did you know? Get more juice!

You can get up to twice as much juice out of freshly squeezed fruit.

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