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How to add SSL / HTTPS to WampServer

With the importance of HTTPS for security and SEO (according to Google), you need a development environment that lets you run your site locally on https. Unfortunately, right out of the box, WampServer only includes a parts of what you… Continue Reading →

Upgrading Moodle packages for Windows (XAMPP Control Panel, PHP, phpMyAdmin, Apache, MySQL)

Moodle 2.3 to 2.6.1+ for Windows comes with pieces of XAMPP 1.7.4. Although it works well, the version of PHP that comes included with it is buggy, lacks some key features for development such as a modern control panel and… Continue Reading →

How to Setup a Local Development Environment for my Website?

Installing a website on your local PC is not a simple task but it is getting simpler. Both Microsoft and the AMPP community have been hard at work to entice developers. At its simplest, you can just start coding in… Continue Reading →

WordPress Breaks Subdomains

Is your subdomain or even different domain is being affected by the WordPress installation in your primary domain? The problem might be in the .htaccess file of your primary domain. For example, lets say you have a WordPress website or blog as… Continue Reading →

Setting up a Website for Educational Purposes

ASP.Net / SQL Server If you are looking for ASP.Net, I’ve heard people recommend ASPSpider. Their services include ASP.net 4.0 and SQL server. Their free accounts limit you to 100 MB of disk space but that should be more than… Continue Reading →

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