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Forcing Links to Open in a New Tab or Window

Have you ever found yourself browsing the web on a smartphone and clicked on something that opened in a new tab? It is almost impossible to tell when this happens. In fact, many people don’t even realize that browsers on… Continue Reading →

Creating a Multilingual Moodle Site

I have built many multilingual Moodle sites over the years. Unfortunately you cannot make a course appear or not appear based on the user’s current language. But you can create a multilingual Moodle site and multi-language Moodle course. First you… Continue Reading →

Camtasia alternatives and other media tools for screencasting

Camtasia is one of the best and most complete set of tools out there for capturing a recording of your screen (called screencasting) but comes at a cost of $313.99 per person (as of this writing). While you might be able… Continue Reading →

Productivity Tip: Copy and Paste without Junk

Have you ever tried to copy information from a web page or a MS Word document and got more than you bargained for when you pasted it into another Word document or web page? Text often comes with unwanted junk… Continue Reading →

Finding a Photo’s License Using Google Images Search Tool

Have you ever come across the perfect photo and wanted to use it on your blog, website, social media post like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, report or print publication? Google Images has a very useful tool to search for an… Continue Reading →

24 Free Stock Photo Sites for Your Web Projects in 2024

Adding photos to your web page can be a great way to connect with visitors who are more visual and to make your website generally more appealing. Here is a list of websites where you can find free stock photos for… Continue Reading →

Setting Up a WordPress Website

Note: Originally published May 4, 2012 — updated August 28, 2016. Web Hosting Step 1. Get Web Hosting Sign up for Web Hosting, preferably with a company that offers a cPanel, Panelbox, 1-Click or Fantastico from a Web Hosting company… Continue Reading →

Useful WordPress Contact Form 7 Field Definition Templates

Here are some useful field definitions for use in WordPress Contact Form 7 that are useful when collecting mailing addresses. Canadian Provinces (English / 2 characters ) <p><label for=”province”>Province (required)</label><br> [select* province id:province include_blank “AB” “BC” “MB” “NB” “NL” “NS”… Continue Reading →

Bug in Chrome Renders WordPress Admin Menu Incorrectly (fix included!)

Do you work in WordPress using Chrome? If so, you may have recently noticed that the sidebar admin menu gets messed up bit when you hover over menu items or just work in it for a few minutes. I haven’t… Continue Reading →

Building Your Mailing List by Offering Free Downloads in WordPress

Offering a free eBook or other digital download on your website is a great way to build your email mailing list which you can then use for any number of business building purposes. Here are a few ways you can do this using Wordpress. Some… Continue Reading →

Adding / Editing Photo Images in WordPress

Adding an Image to a Page or Post (skip to editing an image) Note: If you are replacing an existing image, it is easier and quicker to simply remove the old one from the page and then insert a new… Continue Reading →

Adding a MailChimp Signup Form on Your Website

There are several ways to integrate MailChimp into your WordPress website. Getting a form on your site is relatively easy. The challenging part can be to get it to integrate with the look and feel of your site, especially if you… Continue Reading →

Difference between a Theme and a Template in WordPress

For many people, the use of the word Theme and Template mean the same thing. In Drupal, for example, themes are called templates. In WorPress, templates are called themes.  That being said, there is also something called a Page Template in… Continue Reading →

[Solution] Can’t save WordPress Weaver II Theme Settings

However, in some environments, as soon as you try to make ANY changes to the Weaver II setting: The sub-theme reverts back to the default one. All Weaver II settings are reset with default settings. Backing up and restoring the Weaver… Continue Reading →

Add a Search Page to a WordPress Site Using Weaver II Theme

To create a search page for the Weaver II theme: Create a new page Set the title to Search or Search Website Set the Permalink to search Set the parent is set to (no parent) unless you want it to… Continue Reading →

Adding SSL Support to a WordPress Site

If you plan on taking payments or gathering any personal information beyond simple email address, or simply want to have a more secure access when administering your website, you’ll need to enable your site to work over SSL. This is… Continue Reading →

Get Google Verified Authorship for Your Website

Some people claim that getting getting Google Verified Authorship for your site can actually increase click throughs and even rakings. While I’m not sure about that, if there is even a chance that this is true, can you afford not… Continue Reading →

Troubleshooting WordPress

Here are a few WordPress plugins to help you troubleshoot your WordPress site. Memory Load Consumption and db size Usage — Indicates memory and db usage. Check to ensure you aren’t close to running out of memory on your site…. Continue Reading →

Add Terms and Conditions Checkbox to PayPal button

There are times when you will want your clients to read and accept terms and conditions before making a payment in PayPal. The great thing about the following approach is that it will work for just about any website, whether the site… Continue Reading →

How to Setup a Local Development Environment for my Website?

Installing a website on your local PC is not a simple task but it is getting simpler. Both Microsoft and the AMPP community have been hard at work to entice developers. At its simplest, you can just start coding in… Continue Reading →

Using YouTube Videos On Your Website

YouTube Settings YouTube is actually pretty good at resizing your video to the required size. Unless you are looking for optimal quality, try simply uploading your video and see how it turns out first. Why fix something if it isn’t… Continue Reading →

12 Essential WordPress Plugins/Themes for Business Websites

WordPress is a great way to easily create a business website. With thousands of plugins, one could almost say that, if you have a business need, there’s a plugin for that. That being said, not all plugins are created equally…. Continue Reading →

Working with WordPress SEO by Yoast, the Root Relative URLs plugin and Facebook

Having problems getting Facebook Like buttons to work on your website? Are you also using something like the Root Relative URLs plugin to make all your URLs relative to the root of the site instead of to the domain? The… Continue Reading →

My First Business Website – What questions should I be asking?

I often speak with entrepreneurs who wonder how they are going to get their first business website up when they don’t even know what questions to ask. One of the best ways to find out what questions you should be… Continue Reading →

WordPress Breaks Subdomains

Is your subdomain or even different domain is being affected by the WordPress installation in your primary domain? The problem might be in the .htaccess file of your primary domain. For example, lets say you have a WordPress website or blog as… Continue Reading →

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