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Preparing for a Formal Scouting Group Campfire

Preparation Scheduling (several Months before) This should be put on the Group Agenda for the year as soon as possible in the year, even possibly the previous year. Organization and Contributors (1 month before) Determine who will: Be the Campfire… Continue Reading →

Planning Your Beaver Scout Colony’s Program for the Year

Planning a program for a Beaver Colony for a year can seem like an overwhelming task. However, if you break it down, it can become much easier and even manageable. Use a printed calendar at your meetings will help you… Continue Reading →

Interpersonal Skills That Can Change Your Life

Want to improve your relationship with your spouse, children, employer, employees, customers, strangers or even yourself? It’s not complicated. Stop focusing on yourself! Start seeing things from their perspective. The following are the cornerstone interpersonal skills to master that can change your… Continue Reading →

Making a Family Emergency Plan

During an emergency here in Canada, it can take a while before help arrives so it is essential to be prepared for those times. Public Safety Canada offers important advice for Canadians: Know the most important risks you face where… Continue Reading →

Making a Scout Staff

There are several steps involved in making a scout staff which include: Selecting the right piece of wood Preparing the wood Adding things to your Scout staff Depending on what you want to add to your Scout staff, you may… Continue Reading →

The Scout Staff (A.K.A. a Walking Stick)

Long before Lord Baden-Powell spoke about the importance of a Scout staff in Scouting for Boys, staves (plural for staff) have been important symbols. Moses carried a staff while leading his people; Robin Hood and Little John had staves; Forst… Continue Reading →

Water – Essential To Life

Water, who needs it? We all do actually. Depending on your age, our body is made up of  55% to 90% water. In fact, the only thing more important to our body is air. The general rule is that a… Continue Reading →

Your Personal First Aid Kit

I take my personal first aid kit with me when ever I leave the house, whether it is to go for a walk, bicycling, hiking, camping or most other activities. It has not only saved me from pain, I have… Continue Reading →

The Hidden Benefits of FUNdraising!

Did you know that there are many more benefits to fundraising besides the obvious financial one? Though we often have the best of intentions for our kids, we may actually be doing a disservice to our kids by doing fundraising for them. Here’s why…

FUNdraising and Scouting – a Perfect Match!

FUNDRAISING! Oh there’s that word that sends shivers up and down the spine of otherwise great parents and Scouting Leaders. Besides the obvious financial reasons, which sometimes get offset by parents willing to just pay more, why must a movements… Continue Reading →

How To: Making a Throw Rope Bag

When doing any activities whether it is with youth in Scouting or on your own, it important to ensure we not practice good safety, but teach our youth how to be safe. Transport Canada has some very specific requirements regarding… Continue Reading →

Preparing for a Scouting Jamboree

If you haven’t done so already, get your updated Physical Fitness/Consent Form back to your Scouter as soon as possible. It is now becoming urgent that we get these forms back as soon as possible. IMPORTANT: Be sure to indicate… Continue Reading →

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