Planning a program for a Beaver Colony for a year can seem like an overwhelming task. However, if you break it down, it can become much easier and even manageable. Use a printed calendar at your meetings will help you work out the logistics of your plan and accomodate those who are more visual.

  1. Start by creating a 1 year plan, filling it in first with holidays, school closures; area, group and council activities; leader training, camps
  2. Deciding on monthly themes for the year. For example:
    • September -- Back to Beavers Month (learning about meeting structure, who is who and having fun)
      Things to remember: Labour Day, Availability of Meeting Facilities, Beaver Leader Meeting (late August is even better)
      Activities: Games, Outdoor activities, learning the opening and closing, start reading friends of the forest
    • October -- Becoming a Beaver Month (training and learning about what it means to be a Beaver)
      Things to remember: Thanksgiving, Daylight Savings, Halloween, Apple Day, Group Fundraising, Welcome Keeo
      Activities: Fall Hike, Apple Day, Learn Motto, Promise, Setup Logdes, Leader Naming, Investiture Night, Halloween Party
    • November -- Fun with Peace, Remembrance, Rules and Respect
      Things to remember: Remembrance Day, White Tail Sleepover, Beaver Leader Meeting
      Activities: Whacky Backwards Night, Peace and Remembrance
    • December -- Multiculturalism and Helping Others Month
      Things to remember: Christmas
      Activities: Skit Night, Heath and Nutrition Grocery Store Tour, Christmas and Other Multicultural Celebration Party, Toy and Food Drive
    • January -- Transportation Month
      Things to remember: New Year Day, Tobogganing
      Activities: Aviation (paper airplanes/toilet paper roll rockets), Tobogan Night, Bus Station Tour, Train Station Tour, Airport Tour, Visit from Space Agency
    • Februrary -- Scouting Month
      Things to remember: Winterlude, Valentines Day, Scout/Guide Week -- Lord and Lady Baden-Powell’s birthdays, Linking Activity with Cubs, Beaver Leader Meeting
      Activities: First Aid / Home Safety, Bring a Friend Night, Group Campfire, Winter Camp, Sharing an Outing Night, Silver Streak White Tail Ceremony
    • March -- Sports and Leisure Month
      Things to remember: March Break
      Activities: Blowling Night, Spots and Games Night, Story/Show and Tell Night, Beaver Buggies
    • April -- Nature and Culture Month
      Things to remember: Daylight Savings Begins, Easter
      Activities: Spring Hike/Cleanup, Great Artist Night, Music Night, Pirates Night, Board Game Night
    • May -- The Great Outdoors Month
      Things to remember: Mothers Day, Victoria Day, Spring Camp, ScoutTrees, Swim Up Ceremony
      Activities: ScoutTrees, Spring Camp, Colony Evening at Cubs, Mystery Night, Farm Tour, Yearly Review with the Beavers, Colony BBQ, Family 2K Run/Walk, Presentation of Service Stripes
    • June (if applicable) -- Beavers over for the summer
      Things to remember: Fathers Day, Beaver Leader Meeting
  3. Plan weekly meetings for 3 months (September to November, December to February, March to May) ahead of time ensuring full GAMSOCS coverage most weeks. Agree as to who will do what at each meeting. You will also need a person to be a time keeper. A Beaver meeting can go by very quickly when you are having fun.
  4. Send out an updated newsletter to parents one month before each of the 3 months is up -- on paper. Many parents like to put it up on their fridge. You can also put one copy up on-line or send it to them by email. When parents know what's coming in advance, they can schedule around Beaver activities and outings.