Setting Up a WordPress Website

Note: Originally published May 4, 2012 — updated August 28, 2016. Web Hosting Step 1. Get Web Hosting Sign up for Web Hosting, preferably with a company that offers a cPanel, Panelbox, 1-Click or Fantastico from a Web Hosting company such as HostPapa, Funio or HostGator (NOT GoDaddy!). If the company offers domain registration, simplify your life and take it. That way it will all be integrated and working for you. Otherwise, you can get domains from places like GoDaddy (but not web hosting!), HostGator, or What’s the issue with GoDaddy? Although they have a great Domain registration service, their web hosting … Continue reading

Best Free Tools to Build Your Own Personal or Small Business Website

Interested in developing your own web site? Here is a list of useful free resources and tools that recommend to help get you started: Content Management System (CMS): Any easy to use website starts with a friendly CMS. WordPress powers more websites than any other CMS in the world. It not only provides the best balance between ease of use and flexibility, the level of support available on the web is unparalleled. If a website doesn’t have MySQL database but does include PHP, GetSimple is our favourite way to go for small sites. There are more powerful CMS applications available like Joomla and … Continue reading

Basic Financial Management for Kids

There is a lot to learn about money before one can be responsible enough to start earning it. So many parents think they are showing their kids that they are loved or helping their kids by buying them the things they want (or claim to need). What they are actually doing is teaching them is to indulge in short term instant gratification instead of long term fulfillment. On the other hand, there are parents who don’t have the means to do this for their children and simply tell them that they can’t afford it without any further explanation. The tween … Continue reading

School Season and Allowances for Kids

Many of the ideas in the “Jobs for Kids” article can be applied during the school season however some parents might prefer to see their children focus on their studies instead. There is no right or wrong answer to this. However I recommend that you still teach your child basic money management skills. Start by sitting down with your child to develop a financial plan. Include clothing, school supplies, bus pass (if applicable). Don’t forget to allocate money for unforeseen field trips. You can contact the teachers to get a better idea on those costs. Determine the total amount of … Continue reading

Jobs for Kids

Is your 12-18 years old child asking you for money to buy things they want? While I believe it is every parents job to provide to a childs needs, teaching him/her how to make money on his/her own to buy the things they want instead of giving it to them can be a life-altering gift to them… even if they don’t see it that way at first. “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” — Chinese proverb As a parent, one of your roles … Continue reading

Job Finding – IT Networking in Ottawa

<< NOTE: Archived. An updated version of this content has been published on >> Below is a list of some of the IT consulting companies that I recommend in the National Capital Region of Ottawa, Ontario Canada. Call them up and arrange for an information meeting, not an interview. You are going out to learn about their organization and the current state of the industry so that you can best position yourself to serve their needs. It’s a lot easier to get an information meeting than an interview. Remember, they actually want to see you succeed because each time they … Continue reading

Job Finding – Resume Tips

Resume Tip #1: Make it look its best — Use the same tense throughout your resume, spell check it, grammar check it and then be sure to save it in Print View. When the employer opens the MS Word document, it will look better. Resume Tip #2: Don’t mention consulting company names — … unless the work you did was directly for the consulting company. In instances where you have been sub-contracting, mention the names of the clients instead. Many government employers, for example, look for consultants with previous experience in the public sector. They really don’t care which consulting … Continue reading

Job Finding – Job Search Tips

Here are some job search tips that will hopefully help you land that dream job or career. Dress like you mean business — Try to always wear formal business attire when meeting with people. I have been told that qualified professionals are easy to come by. The hard part is finding people who present themselves well and are reliable. It’s amazing how many people are out there looking for a job don’t even own a suit anymore. When looking for work, you need to make the most of what you have. You never know who you are going to end … Continue reading

Job Finding – Sample Email

Here is a sample of an email I typically send out with my resume AFTER contacting a consulting organization by telephone or when applying for a job. Naturally I customize it a little to address the specifics of what I am applying for. Clients have given it good reviews since they can open up the email, and quickly see without even looking at my resume that I could be a good fit for many potential positions. I present it here to you in confidence. Feel free to create your own version, something that works for you. Be sure to also … Continue reading

Job Finding – A Momentum Quick Start Reference

Whether you are looking for a job as an employee or your next contract as a consultant, the following information will help you accelerate your job search significantly. The Calling Card Your Name Telephone Number Language Ability Special accreditations and/or security clearance Job Title or Field Excellent (Top Skills) Strong (Top Soft skills) Top expertise Experienced in (areas you have the most experience) Your best attributes Choose a Free Business Cards from 42 samples (just pay shipping): Tell Everyone You Know — Building Your List of Contacts Family, Friends and Relatives Parents of your kids friends Former colleagues Former employers … Continue reading