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Setting Up a WordPress Website

Note: Originally published May 4, 2012 — updated August 28, 2016. Web Hosting Step 1. Get Web Hosting Sign up for Web Hosting, preferably with a company that offers a cPanel, Panelbox, 1-Click or Fantastico from a Web Hosting company… Continue Reading →

Best Free Tools to Build Your Own Personal or Small Business Website

Interested in developing your own web site? Here is a list of useful free resources and tools that recommend to help get you started: Content Management System (CMS): Any easy to use website starts with a friendly CMS. WordPress powers more… Continue Reading →

Basic Financial Management for Kids

There is a lot to learn about money before one can be responsible enough to start earning it. So many parents think they are showing their kids that they are loved or helping their kids by buying them the things… Continue Reading →

School Season and Allowances for Kids

Many of the ideas in the “Jobs for Kids” article can be applied during the school season however some parents might prefer to see their children focus on their studies instead. There is no right or wrong answer to this…. Continue Reading →

Jobs for Kids

Is your 12-18 years old child asking you for money to buy things they want? While I believe it is every parents job to provide to a childs needs, teaching him/her how to make money on his/her own to buy the… Continue Reading →

Job Finding – IT Networking in Ottawa

<< NOTE: Archived. An updated version of this content has been published on www.tngconsulting.ca/consulting >> Below is a list of some of the IT consulting companies that I recommend in the National Capital Region of Ottawa, Ontario Canada. Call them up… Continue Reading →

Job Finding – Resume Tips

Resume Tip #1: Make it look its best — Use the same tense throughout your resume, spell check it, grammar check it and then be sure to save it in Print View. When the employer opens the MS Word document,… Continue Reading →

Job Finding – Job Search Tips

Here are some job search tips that will hopefully help you land that dream job or career. Dress like you mean business — Try to always wear formal business attire when meeting with people. I have been told that qualified… Continue Reading →

Job Finding – Sample Email

Here is a sample of an email I typically send out with my resume AFTER contacting a consulting organization by telephone or when applying for a job. Naturally I customize it a little to address the specifics of what I… Continue Reading →

Job Finding – A Momentum Quick Start Reference

Whether you are looking for a job as an employee or your next contract as a consultant, the following information will help you accelerate your job search significantly. The Calling Card Your Name Telephone Number Language Ability Special accreditations and/or security… Continue Reading →

Perspective is Everything When Looking for a Job

Depending on how you look at it, looking for a job can be scary and even discouraging. I say depending on how you look because, just like in art, if you change your perspective, you can see things in a… Continue Reading →

My Computer Has Viruses. Is There a Trick to Getting Rid of Them?

<< NOTE: References to some anti-virus application in this article need to be updated. >> Viruses, Spyware, Malware, Trojans, Rootkits – there are many ways that a computer can get infected. Not all of these are viruses. Some are classified… Continue Reading →

How to Accept Compliments and Love Criticism

Which do you tend to believe and more easily accept, compliments or criticism? Why? If you said criticism, how would you feel if you decided to only accept compliments and had a new and better way of dealing with criticism?… Continue Reading →

Reduce Your Stress by Giving Your Child a Better Way of Tattling

When a young child comes to you to you to tell you about a problem they are having or about what someone else did, do you send them away telling them to stop tattling? Next time this happens, stop for… Continue Reading →

Tips for Your First Trade Show Event

Before the Event PLAN AHEAD — This is her first show so she isn’t really sure how she is going to set herself up yet. I don’t recommend waiting until she is on the premises in order to make the… Continue Reading →

What’s The Value of Your Business Card?

Best marketing practices from marketing experts suggest that you indicate your particular niche. Anyone can give themselves a title these days. Some people like to be original and creative. While this will make you shine as a creative soul, always… Continue Reading →

Best Time to Ask for a Testimonial

When do you ask your clients for a testimonial? For the longest time, I used to wait until I was finished working with my clients. At times, was even days or even weeks later. Most of the time my clients… Continue Reading →

Using Website Feedback as a Marketing Campaign

Sometimes we don’t realize what is good or bad about our website. To ensure your website meets your clients needs, seek a fresh perspective on things. I’m sure you would hate to discover a few months down the road that people… Continue Reading →

More Telephone Script Examples

NOTE: If the customer says YES they will meet with you at any point in the conversation, set a date and time, and be sure to confirm the spelling of their name, title, company name, address and email address so… Continue Reading →

FAQ: Updating Your WordPress Blog or Website

Note: Although this article talks about WordPress, most of the concepts are applicable to any Content Management System (CMS). Why Install Updates to WordPress? Keeping all of the components of your website up to date is generally a good idea because… Continue Reading →

Computer too old and slow? Get a free performance upgrade today!

There are many people out there tossing perfectly good electronics into the trash every day and don’t even realised it. Unfortunately for the environment, the cost of labour has reached a point where people are throwing things out not realizing just… Continue Reading →

How to Be in the Present, to Be Open and to Receive

Where you start can depend on where you are. If you are just becoming aware of the concepts of being present, open and receiving, start with something small, something really easy, something where you can’t possibly fair. Where can you… Continue Reading →

Problem: I can’t open PDF files in Internet Explorer (solution included!)

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you click on a link to a PDF file in Windows Internet Explorer and nothing happens? While I am not sure what causes this problem, here are a few solutions that… Continue Reading →

What do I do when a potential client tries to brush me off?

Talking with Potenial Clients (Part II) Sometimes a client will ask you about you before you get a chance to learn about them. Be honest. Let them know that you are in the process of establishing your __________ business and… Continue Reading →

What do I ask when I have an information meeting with a potential client?

Talking with Potenial Clients (Part I) The following list of questions is designed to lead the clients to where you can clearly tell whether they are really ready for the services you have to offer. Tell me a little about… Continue Reading →

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