When do you ask your clients for a testimonial?

For the longest time, I used to wait until I was finished working with my clients. At times, was even days or even weeks later. Most of the time my clients said they would be delighted to do it. However life has a tendency to get in the way which often meant it could be months before they got back to me, assuming they remembered to even do it.

What I have discovered is that the best time to ask for a testimonial is actually when your client's satisfaction level is peaking at a high level. You can always tell. It will be when they are delighted with the results and they are openly expressing appreciation and gratitude. This can happen on several occasions while working with the client, not just when you are finished working with them. At that time, your client will be excited to give a testimonial and the testimonial you receive will be way more emotionally connected to the results they received.

Although you may feel uncomfortable doing this at first, that feeling will be short lived when you notice a great improvement in the quality and quantity of the testimonials you receive.