After visiting potential clients for a while, you might start to feel like you are getting boring. This will happen if you are trying to sell yourself instead of being genuinely interested in learning about your clients business. Here are some things you can do about that:

First, realize that asking a person for business right off the bat is a recipe for being rejected. Potential clients are only interested in one thing: Themselves/their business. Just for kicks, try to see things from their perspective, as if you were in their shoes.

Realize that each new person you talk to is learning about you for the first time. The only person you getting board is you. Before you go in to meet with a client, develop a ritual. It might include an incantation, a genuine interest in learning about the clients business, envisioning and manifesting a positive outcome, a breathing and/or movement exercise, etc. Go through a short exercise in gratitude that you are able to bring joy and enable others to maximize their potential by hiring you. If you go in with a positive and exiting frame of mind, the client may think you are a little crazy but they will also like it. Feel confident about yourself.

Notice what peaks their interest and what doesn't. Focus on improving your listening skills with each client. Then work on recycling that information and use it to focus what you are going to talk to them about and how you are going to say it. Practice using their own words as this will help them feel heard and understood.

Keep working on seeing things from the clients perspective instead of your own. Most of your competition will never see the success you will have because they are only focused on themselves and what they offer. Most people don't care what you want. They just care about themselves and their business (except for the connectors of course). Once the switch flips inside you on this, you’ll never want to go back. It’s really an addictive way of seeing things.

Caution: Once that switch flips, you will not only see it that way for your potential clients, but also start to expect it from people you hire. You will need heartfelt understanding with them and realize that they don’t necessarily have the same skills and understanding as the more enlightened amongst us.