Don’t be hard on yourself. You are a business man/woman and he/she is a business man/woman and the two of you simply had a miscommunication. You could talk yourself into believing that you were a fool or you can say to yourself "I leaned that I need to clarify that point in the future." Which of these two questions would be more empowering? Which would you rather believe?

Business people you meet are in business and looking to meet their business needs. Individuals are looking to meet their individual needs.

Just let it go. There are so many more opportunities out there. You can't let each misunderstanding or rejection bother you. How someone response affects you is determined by your perspective and the meaning you attach to a given situation. You can actually easily replace a negative perspective with a positive one by being selective about the meaning you attach to what a person tell you. If the potential client was actually offering something you were ready to consider, you probably would have seen this as a great opportunity, wouldn't you?

A new perspective on rejection: Each rejection could be actually viewed as a sign of progress because it means you have taken one step closer to your next YES! Another way to see a rejection is that each “no” simply means the client isn't looking for your products or services today. Give the seed you planted time to germinate and life has a way of evolving and growing on you.

Let’s say a potential client who rejected you goes through a series of poor experiences with services or products. Or maybe he/she has a rush of business and the person that was hired can't handle the workload or the product he purchased didn’t work out. The person who rejected you may still end up calling you in the future.

Do your best to keep the negative talk in your head (the monkey mind) to a minimum and keep looking for the positive spin on things. It's hard enough to be a solopreneur or entrepreneur without being hard on yourself too. After all, you are human… aren't you?

If you practice looking for the positive aspect of every situation, before you know it that perspective muscle will grow stronger and start to naturally see the world that way. See life and your business as an extraordinary opportunity to grow and it shall become so.