The difference between Masculine and Feminine Energy

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Masculine and feminine energy does not mean energy from a man and energy from a woman. It is actually…

One of the differences between men and women that I have learned is that the female energy in women has a natural tendency to take a small thing and make them bigger than they are because they feel so much while the masculine energy in men is constantly trying to take big things and shrink them into smaller manageable pieces.

Sounds like masculine energy is better, doesn’t it? The advantage of feminine energy is the ability to connect on a deeper more personal level. That is very important in building up your client base.


The difference between Masculine and Feminine Energy — 2 Comments

  1. Another (pretty obvious) way to express this is that masculine energy classifies and groups things. Groupings can cut across the particular nature of things and group apparently dissimilar things like snowflakes, trees, nautilus shells, and cellular automata are examples of fractals. This could perhaps be called ‘disembodied’ thinking, but it’s most simply ‘thinking as opposed to feeling.’

    Jung thought that “Thinking and feeling are alternative ways of forming judgments and making decisions. Thinking is concerned with objective truth, judgment, and impersonal analysis. Thinking asks the question “What does this mean?” Consistency and abstract principles are highly valued. Thinking types (those individuals in whom the thinking function predominates) are the greatest planners; however, they tend to hold on to their plans and abstract theories even when confronted by new and contradictory evidence.

    Feeling is focused on value. It may include judgments of good vs. bad and right vs. wrong (as opposed to decision making according to the criteria of logic or efficiency, as in thinking). Feeling asks the question ‘What value does this have?'” (Stay from Meyers-Briggs if you get interested. IMO they removed the subtlety and deeper insight in the process of commercializing Jung’s typology).

    It seems like you are getting to these ideas in “masculine and feminine energy.” I hope this contributes to your thinking process. I appreciate the breadth of topics your site covers.

    Best wishes.

    • Thanks for that great insight George. Thank you for taking the time to share/contribute. It is much appreciated indeed. 🙂

      Best wishes.

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