Women gather together because together they are stronger.

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Have I been operating out of my head for such a long time that it's only now becoming obvious to me. Women are getting organized! Women are positioning themselves to do way better in business and in life than men have ever (way to go women!).

At least for me, it's not about men vs. women. I see it as an opportunity here to learn and grow. There are more women's networking groups, support groups, business directories specifically for women than ever before. Even many of the local movie theatres are coming up with programs like Mom and Tots viewings where women can now go see a movie with their strollers. There are women specific exercise groups and courses, books specifically written for women and even Coaching Retreats and Getaways specifically designed for women.

Mother Teresa, Oprah Winfrey, Madonna, Princess Diana, Carly Fiorina, Martha Stewart, and yes, my Mom (hey, without her you would not be reading this). What have these and most other women in common? Besides being women, they all had a strong support network.

It's not too surprising. Historically, women have congregated to bond, share and support each. Recent research shows that the lack of this actually affects them not only emotionally but biologically.

I have always been impressed by women's ability to congregate and come out feeling stronger together. I think this is truly an amazing and wonderful. There is a lesson in there for us men and we need to step up and take notice of what is working for women and what is not for us.

The fact of the matter is, connecting through feelings is the new "smart" of the 21st century. If you are a man and you are not able to get out of your head and connect with people at a deeper level, women are going to leave you in the dust. They've been practicing this for centuries and are VERY good at it. Don't take my word for it. Just take a look at the job ads. Almost every one of them now places high value for interpersonal skills, sometime even over technical skills. Why? Because you can always learn a technical skill but getting out of your head is a little more challenging.

One of the most powerful tools women have is the power of congregating in the setting of a Coaching retreat. No, it's not some cool vacation plan. It's where we go when we realize that, in our hectic go-go-go day-to-day life, we have reached a point where we are just reacting to life instead of leading our lives. This happens when we don't check-in with ourselves as we follow through with our life plan.

Don't know what your Life Plan is? Don't feel too bad, most don't or at least have never taken the time to create one. You are probably one of the majority who react to life. Although having a life plan does increase your chances of feeling happy and fulfilled by your life, unless you make space in your life to carry through with the plan, and have a great support network to help you stay on track, you might not be making as much progress as you wish you were.

With all the resources out there for women, men are being left in the dust. If you are a man and haven't seen this, wait for it. It will be slapping you in the face like a 20 pound bass very soon… unless you do something about it today. Just as it takes time for a ship to alter its course when you turn the rudder, life doesn't always change on command. However even a small shift over the years can make a huge different… kind of like compound interest.

Although we often have similar and common interests, if you've ever read the book Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus -- or even if you are married -- you are probably realize that what works for women doesn't always work for men.

I Need Your Help

Borrowing a page out of the Woman guide to life, I am asking for your help (I know, not very manlike). A group of coaches and I are currently researching what men would want to get out of a Coaching Retreat for Men. These retreats will be specifically designed for Men, focusing on what is important to men, using activities that are of interest to men, specifically addressing the issues that men need to deal with in a way that men can relate.

That's where we need your input.

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Do men gather together because together they are stronger? Smart men do. Wise men will also step up and realize that women just might know something they don't.

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We gather together because
together we are better,
faster, stronger, smarter
and make better decisions
and a better future.