Everyone has a need to feel loved but some people find it difficult to connect with others. It doesn't help that in North American culture, women will often expect that men will ask them out.

It may sound counter intuitive but the first step to finding the love of your life is to stop focusing on succeeding and focus instead on learning to fail really well.

As long as there isn't ONE special woman for whom you care more about than anything else in the world, here is my recommendation…

Go out each day for 14 consecutive days to public places like shopping centres, book stores, cafeterias, etc. Find the most attractive woman and ask her to join you for a coffee. If she accepts, of course you will need to follow through with your invitation.

The idea is to keep asking women until you get rejected by at least 3 different women each day. It is easier if you choose places where they sell coffee nearby.

Remember, 14 consecutive days, rejection by 3 women per day that you find incredibly attractive (no compromising permitted). Of course there is no limit as to how many women are permitted to accept your invitation so be sure to leave enough time, just in case you get lots women saying yes.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Can I ask someone I know?
A: If you have a tendency to become emotionally attached, I would recommend you start with strangers.

Q: What if I really hit it off with someone with whom I feel very comfortable courting?
A: I guess you will have found your solution.

Q: What if it doesn't help?
A: Actually let me know. You may need to do some personal foundation work (like taking a shower more often or getting clear about what you are looking for in a woman)