Looking for a good man?

What is a good man anyway? A very common problem when searching for your ideal partner is that most people haven’t gone through the process of figuring out what they want. While this is the purpose of dating, most people go on a date, and see how they feel. There is nothing wrong with that approach but if you never learn from the experience when it doesn’t work out, you will very likely just keep attracting the same kind of people and making the same kinds of mistakes. One thing you can do to improve your chances of finding someone … Continue reading

How to find the woman of your dreams

Everyone has a need to feel loved but some people find it difficult to connect with others. It doesn’t help that in North American culture, women will often expect that men will ask them out. It may sound counter intuitive but the first step to finding the love of your life is to stop focusing on succeeding and focus instead on learning to fail really well. As long as there isn’t ONE special woman for whom you care more about than anything else in the world, here is my recommendation… Go out each day for 14 consecutive days to public … Continue reading