Lest We Forget

Did You Know? “Lest” is an Old English word that originated before the 12th century. While not as commonly used as it once was throughout the English speaking world, it is now predominantly used only in North America. According to Webster, the word “Lest” has two meanings. The first is an archaic form of “that”. For example, “Afraid lest he should fail.” Today many countries around the world are focusing on its more current and relevant meaning, “For fear that” as in “Lest we forget.” Today we recall the official end of World War I on November 11, 1918 and … Continue reading

Blogging in the Future: When the well runs dry

Does your well of blogging material go dry from time to time? Change how you see the world and the world will provide you with more material than you can blog about in a lifetime. Learn about two great features most blogging tools have that you may have escaped your eagle eye, and keen mind… or that you simply have not yet taken advantage of.

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