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Lest We Forget

Did You Know? “Lest” is an Old English word that originated before the 12th century. While not as commonly used as it once was throughout the English speaking world, it is now predominantly used only in North America. According to… Continue Reading →

Retreats… Just for Men

Women gather together because together they are stronger. Do men gather together because together they are stronger? Smart men do. Wise men will also step up and realize that women just might know something they don’t. Can you guess what that might be?

Online Presence 101 – Still think Social Media is just a fad?

Reality check: If you aren’t using social media to bring a face to yourself and your business, you aren’t just avoiding it, you are actually giving this control up to others… and you may not like what the results might be.

Join The 7-Day Validation Challenge and Feel Great About Yourself

Join The 7-Day Validation Challenge today and discover how giving can make a difference for others and make you feel great about yourself in the process.

The Hidden Benefits of FUNdraising!

Did you know that there are many more benefits to fundraising besides the obvious financial one? Though we often have the best of intentions for our kids, we may actually be doing a disservice to our kids by doing fundraising for them. Here’s why…

Did You Know? The Secret to Your Success

What are the Three Secrets to Success and Making Money? As it turns out, it has everything to do with you and nothing to do with what you want. Focus on that and you’ve have it made! Read on…

What does COURAGE mean to you?

Courage, also known as fortitude, is the ability to confront fear, pain, danger, uncertainty or intimidation. Where do you find your courage?

Blogging in the Future: When the well runs dry

Does your well of blogging material go dry from time to time? Change how you see the world and the world will provide you with more material than you can blog about in a lifetime. Learn about two great features most blogging tools have that you may have escaped your eagle eye, and keen mind… or that you simply have not yet taken advantage of.

Keeping the competition in business is important to your own survivial

Edging out your competition? Getting all the sales? Enjoy the short term gains for you might be in for long term pain.

Create PDF Files for Free

Why would you want to use PDF (Portable Document Format) files when you can just create a Microsoft Word document? In this article I will talk about why you should be using PDF files and some examples of tools that will let you create them without breaking the bank.

The Mastermind Group

Most people enjoy spending time with people who have common interests. However when it comes to growing, you would probably benefit far more by being around people with skills and knowledge that compliment yours, people like you who love to contribute and grow. If you see the value in variety, you might be a good candidate for a Mastermind group.

Happiness: Experiencing vs Remembering Your Vacation

Happiness, a holy grail that everyone wants but somehow eludes many. Summer here in North America is often a time for individuals and families to go on vacations but do vacations actually bring us happiness?

What is Your Purpose in Life?

Let’s see a show of hands… how many of you know what your purpose is in life? I have known my purpose in life since I was a teenager. One day I was sitting down for lunch with a colleague… Continue Reading →

Introduction to Social Media Networking with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

<<NOTE: This article has been archived as it Melissa’s website no longer exists. >> I love sharing information, especially when I think it will help others. Think of me as a junk filter. I only share the best of what… Continue Reading →

I Believe… Here is a Glimps of an Amazing Future

I find it inspiring to know that people, often even strangers will come and work together, practice hard together and…

On-Line Web Presence 101 – For Service Oriented Businesses

Websites, blogs, social media, newsletters, mailing lists, instant messaging, the list just seems to go on forever and there are many providers of each of these services. I am tired just thinking about it. Does it make sense to be plugged in everywhere? This article will give you the heads up on where to focus your on-line presence efforts.

Life Makeover: Practicing Gratitude

Heve you heard of the real-life benefits of regularly practicing gratitude? Whether you have or not, begin your 30 day (FREE) journey that will change how you see yourself and your life. Here is how to get started…

Feelings affecting Physiology: Could it be a two way street?

What does a person who is depressed look like? Everyone knows that. Even a child can tell you. Feeling obviously affect our physiology but could the reverse be true? Could changing a person’s physiology affect how they feel?

Employee vs Business Owner, which are you?

The people we ultimately work for are the people we provide services to. Are you sure you are clear about your role? If you receive compensation for the application of your time and/or efforts (i.e. work), you are a business owner. So, how have you been managing your business lately?

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