Where do you go to find material to blog about? If you are anything like me, the well does run dry from time to time.

However aren't there also times when you feel so inspired and motivated, filled with several great ideas to blog about? Fortunately there are two wonderful features most blogs have that you need to know about to help you out:

Draft: Did you know that you can write a blog post but and save it as a draft without publishing it? Not only does this feature help you stay on track with your daily schedule, you'll be able to come back and either finish it or polish it up later (don't forget to use spell check!). I often use the save draft feature to just add ideas for posts I would like to work on at a later date when I don't have time in the moment.

Future Publishing: Did you know that you can schedule the publication of your post for a future date and time? This feature will enable you to prepare your blog posts in advance and have them appear on your blog at regular intervals. Regular visitors to your blog will appreciate the regularity with which new posts appear.

So, where do you get ideas for blogging in the first place? Each day there are things that you think about, that you do, that you hear, feel, smell, see, learn and experience which affects who you are, and who you become. Some days it's life altering, and some days it just life experiences.

What little life lesson did you learn today? Share your thoughts and feelings and you will discover many others who share your challenges in their day-to-day life.

Playing small does not serve the world. The web enables you to change the world one blog post at a time. If you can learn to step up and take notice of the abundance around you, you begin to also see all the things around you that are worth sharing.

With warmest regards,

Life Coach Michael Milette
Come Discover a Great Life