The following guideline should be used for adding content to your website. This will not only ensure that your content is of higher quality, it will also help drive traffic to your site:

[  ] Produce a draft – Introduce a question or topic and end off with a good solid point.
[  ] Are you letting your personality shine through? That’s the point of Social Media.
[  ] Check the Title – should beg to be clicked on for reading (and for SEO)
[  ] Add at least five keywords (for SEO)
[  ] Include links to any mentioned products or services (for SEO)
[  ] If a Post (not a page), put it in the appropriate Category and include relevant tags
[  ] Check to make sure all links work (for SEO)
[  ] Add any applicable images to the article. Pictures help draw the reader’s attention.
[  ] Ensure there is lots of white space.
[  ] Proof read word-for-word for sentence structure and spell check
[  ] Make sense? Relevant? Uses short sentences that are to the point? Would you comment?
[  ] Schedule when it will appear on your site
[  ] Send it to someone else for review.
[  ] Post announcement of your new post on social media sites when it becomes available.

To have this list included in each of our blog and Post entries, install and activate the plugin called Good Writer Checkify and add the requirements you want.