Before you create a YouTube Account…

Choosing a User Name: Before you create a YouTube channel, try going to and (replace username with your desired account name to see if it is already in use. If you see someone's channel show up or it says the account is closed, you won't be able to use that short URL if you create an account.

Comment Search in YouTube: Before creating and uploading any videos on Youtube, just type the keyword of your niche or video content in comment search and find out what’s being said about your keyword and your niche.

Did you know that you can link directly to a specific point in the video? Just add a question mark following #t=xxmyys at the end of URL (xx is minutes; yy is seconds). For example:

Link to your website: You can't add a link to your website by marking up a video however within the video but you can add a link in the description. Just be sure to start the link with http:// or it won't appear as a clickable link. Do be sure to add a description though that contains your keywords.

Backdrop for your videos: If you are doing a tutorial in the video, use white board as background so that it feels the speaker and viewers are in the same conference room.

Video Format: Always try to create your videos in HD so that there are no side bars when watching on YouTube.

Your Profile: Don't forget to complete your profile for your channel but be sure to hide the parts that you don't want the public to see.

Video Title: Add the word "Exclusive" or "Leaked video" will tend to draw more views (don't spam). Like the web, don't try to be original -- try to think of what keywords people are looking for and include these in your content.

Enabling Comments: There are two sides to every coin. On one hand, enabling comments will get you higher ranking. On the other hand, you have no control over what people might say. It's a choice you need to make.

Branding: If possible, add your logo to your videos as a watermark. It builds brand value.

Email Signature Block: Add your channel link in the email signature and send your videos to friends and relatives. You should do the same with Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. Be aware however that some anti-spam filters will prevent the delivery of your email if it finds that most of the content in your message is links, especially in very short email messages.

Facebook: Don't forget to add a link in Facebook to your YouTube channel.

WordPress: To add an embedded a video in WordPress, simply copy your YouTube video's URL, place your cursor wherever you want the video to appear in WordPress and paste it using the "YouTube" icon in the editor. Alternatively, just use the shortcode tags [embed]URL-To-Your-YouTube-Video[/embed].