If you had someone working for you, you would want them to access their email from an email account. That way, if they decided to quit, you could simply re-allocate the email account with all the emails to their replacement.

If you had used a forwarder instead, all emails would be forwarded to the persons email address and you would not have any records to provide to the new person.

It's a good idea to use an email Forwarder address when you already have an email account and would like to create aliases for it. Some examples include:

These could deliver email to your main name@yourdomain.tld.

So why go through this trouble?

  • For one thing, you will be able to prioritize your emails based on the email address to which they were sent.
  • It will make make your company look a little larger and professional.
  • For less important emails, you can always change them down the road when they start receiving too much SPAM.
  • Last but not least, you could do this for privacy.