Do you know anyone who has a stack of business cards in their office which probably haven't been touched since the day each of them was received? Perhaps you even know this person intimately?

People exchange business cards for one reason only: They hope to do business with you. This means that you might be able to provide them with a product or service or they might do the same for you. Either way, any business is usually mutually beneficial.

Here are a few tips on what to do with the business card that will make them useful to your business instead of just being a nice collection for the dust bunnies.

Don't Write on a business card… right away

When you receive a business card, try not to write on it in front of the person. They might not appreciate it if you deface their card. If you must, ask for permission first to show respect.

Take Notes on the business card… right after

After you are finished talking with someone, write down on the back of their business card the date, time and place you meet them as well as any details about your conversation that you need to remember or follow up on.

Follow up and follow through… don't delay

When you actually follow up with them (within 24-48 hours max), again write the date and time that you did, the method (ex: telephone, email, in-person) and what you arranged.

It's a small space but you will be able to review these details each time before you contact them. People will appreciate that you remember these details when you talk to them months later.

Remember, each business card is an opportunity. It's up to you whether you are going to step up and take advantage of the potential opportunity or to let it pass.

Don't forget:

  • A NO often actually means NOT  RIGHT NOW.
  • Each NO takes you one step closer to a YES.

Don't be afraid to use a business card several times. If they didn't want to do business with you, they wouldn't of handed you their card.