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Business Card Tip: What do you do with someone’s business card?

Do you know anyone who has a stack of business cards in their office¬†which probably haven’t been touched since the day each of them was received? Perhaps you even know this person intimately? People exchange business cards for one reason… Continue Reading →

Business Card Tip: Giving and Receiving a Business Card

One thing that I have noticed that people seem to appreciate is the Chinese way of exchanging business cards.¬† This is a slightly modified version of the official etiquette but one which I believe makes for a good compromise and… Continue Reading →

Business Card Tip: Don’t use Black or the Back

I don’t recommend putting anything on the back of a business card because it’s a place where people write notes. Say for example, someone asks you for a price to do something, or the name of a company that does… Continue Reading →

What type of font is the best on a business card?

That depends. I normally like to stick with the basics — Arial or Times New Roman — because they tend to come out pretty much the way you had inteneded. If you choose some other font and the printer doesn’t… Continue Reading →

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