Business Telephone Message Scripts

An effective voice mail message is actually a well crafted script. Although you will have to substitute certain words such as the name of the person, you can actually¬† create a script which comes across as confident. An effective script starts by: Establish Credibility Introducing yourself and when you are calling. If the voice mail box is generic, be sure to mention who the message is for. Peak Their Curiosity (but don’t give it all away) State the purpose of your call Provide the person with a call to action — what are your expectations? Close with Confidence Leave them … Continue reading

Top 6 Business Card Design Mistakes

There are two points in time when your business card will be of most use to people you give it to: When you first give it to them. First impressions are an opportunity that people give you to make a lasting impression. If you don’t make the cut in your first encounter with a potential client, you’ll have to work that much harder. Your business card is no exception and it needs to look professional. Anyone can print a business card on their home ink-jet printer but someone who is committed to their business is more likely to have gone … Continue reading

Business Plan to get Financing

A good business plan should set out how much money you want and what you are going to do with it. Naturally, in order to be considered for a loan or a grant, the lender also needs feel safe about their investment. This is accomplished by helping them understand your business and how you are going to make it profitable. You will also need to describe your business, place it within the context of the industry it is a part of, examine the marketplace and provide detailed financial information about your business. When planning on submitting a business plan, see … Continue reading

Hosting a live business event (courses, seminars, classes)

Check out your local library. Many offer space for free or for a small charge. For example, at the time of this writing, the local library here charges $75 for 4 hours on a pay-as-you-go for profit basis but will let you use their facilities for free (with 4-5 months minimum advance notice) if you are doing it as a community service. The reason for the advanced notice is because they will even do free advertizing in the city’s recreation guide and website and put up posters in the libraries for you. They will also manage registrations for you. Things … Continue reading

Hiring a Webmaster

So, you’ve decided to hire a webmaster. Before you hire the first guy who walks though your door, here are some things you should consider when preparing the statement of work: Number of Required Resources: Realistically, will one person be able to handle everything you want done within the desired timeframe or might you be setting the “new guy” up for failure up front? Work Location: Where is this person going to work? Seems straight forward enough but they could work on-site or off-site (like from home). Interviews: Do you want to interview people? If so, what questions should you … Continue reading

Business Card Tip: Giving and Receiving a Business Card

One thing that I have noticed that people seem to appreciate is the Chinese way of exchanging business cards.¬† This is a slightly modified version of the official etiquette but one which I believe makes for a good compromise and puts emphasis on what I appreciate when I hand someone my business card. Always use two hands to present your business card with the persons native language facing up. Your name should face the person you are presenting the card to so he/she can read your name. Use two hands to accept a business card. Study the name and information … Continue reading