Directory Submission

Email and Newsletter Campaign

Send automated emails to your mailing list. Includes templates that are easy to fill as well as more advanced features. Enable people to subscribe and unsubscribe from your mailing list. Some also include autoresponders.

Live Chat for your Website

Teleconference Calls

  • Skype ($ for calls to landline phones but free for up to 10 audio participants or 1 video conference)
  • Google Hangouts


Note: Free services are typically pretty reliable but never guaranteed.

Online Scheduling

  • Acuity Scheduling ($ but free for single calendar)
  • If you use a CMS like WordPress, look for plugins that provide this functionality.

Payment Processing

  • Amazon Payments ($)
  • PayPal ($ but no monthly fees) -- Notes: Get a merchant type account, Max payment $2,000, Also available in Canada.


  • SurveyMonkey ($ but free for up to 10 questions/100 responses per survey)

Tip: This can also be used creatively as an event registration system!