Top 6 Business Card Design Mistakes

There are two points in time when your business card will be of most use to people you give it to: When you first give it to them. First impressions are an opportunity that people give you to make a lasting impression. If you don’t make the cut in your first encounter with a potential client, you’ll have to work that much harder. Your business card is no exception and it needs to look professional. Anyone can print a business card on their home ink-jet printer but someone who is committed to their business is more likely to have gone … Continue reading

What’s The Value of Your Business Card?

Best marketing practices from marketing experts suggest that you indicate your particular niche. Anyone can give themselves a title these days. Some people like to be original and creative. While this will make you shine as a creative soul, always keep your potential client in mind. When they look at your card, will they instantly be able to understand what it is that you do? While there is a time and a place to be creative, making your customers work to figure out whether they want to do business with you shouldn’t be one of them. In fact, considered skipping … Continue reading