Developers – How to get started in Moodle development

For developers just getting started in Moodle development, testing and fixing 3rd party Moodle plugins which are not currently supported the latest version of Moodle is a great way to get started on your way to learning how Moodle works. These plugins often just need simple fixes, updates to deprecated API calls and stuff like that. Start by browsing through the list of 3rd party plugins and choose a plugin that is of interest to you. If you think it would be useful for you, chances are there are others who would think so too. Next contact the author before you start just to make sure … Continue reading

Adding a Language Toggle to qTranslate Plugin for WordPress

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you update qTranslate, these changes will be overwritten and you will need to re-insert this code again in order to restore the functionality. qTranslate is a wonderful plugin that can help you create a multilingual website. If you only need to support two languages, how do you add a Toggle Link to your page? Assuming you’ve already installed the qTranslate plugin on your site, you will need to make the following modifications: 1. Edit the following file: /wp-content/plugins/qtranslate/qtranslate_widget.php 2. Scroll down to the qtrans_generateLanguageSelectCode function and add the following code right after the break of the case … Continue reading