Camtasia alternatives and other media tools for screencasting

Camtasia¬†is one of the best and most complete set of tools out there for capturing a recording of your screen (called screencasting) but comes at a cost of $313.99 per person (as of this writing). While you might be able to afford it for a few licenses, if you want to give access to this tool to your whole staff, the cost can really add up. Here are some recommendations for (mostly) free media related tools — for those on a limited budget: Greenshot¬†— Simple to use, comes with an editor to annotate still screenshot (no video). Kind of like … Continue reading

Forms and assessments for coaches

Check out “Coach U’s Essential Coaching Tools: Your Complete Practice Resource” book. It includes over 500 pages of client-centered and coach-centered assessments, forms checklists, budgeting and organizational aids, tips as well as the essential marketing aids that every coach needs to build a successful practice. The book also comes with a CD-ROM that contains most of its contents in electronic format. You will find it available from places like and Wiley, the publisher.