Should I upgrade Moodle? (applies to WordPress, Drupal and Joomla too)

Moodle LMS maintenance upgrades is indeed something that needs to be done every once in a while. But how often should you upgrade? This article discusses the the lifecycle of software and what to watch out for when considering upgrading. Though their development cycles may differ, a lot of the same information and strategies could be applied to the maintenance and upgrading of CMS websites such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla. When it comes to Moodle, there are actually several reasons why you might want to consider limiting upgrading your system to every 3 to 6 months. When considering a major … Continue reading

Bug in Chrome Renders WordPress Admin Menu Incorrectly (fix included!)

Do you work in WordPress using Chrome? If so, you may have recently noticed that the sidebar admin menu gets messed up bit when you hover over menu items or just work in it for a few minutes. I haven’t noticed if this bug affects other websites. The Problem Notice that there are menu items overlapping others, menu items missing and as you hover over them, they may fix themselves temporarily or move on you. This is a bug specific to Chrome which first appeared in v45 (the current version). The Chrome team has has discovered that the problem is … Continue reading

Poor Man’s Camtasia in Windows 7

Camtasia by TechSmith is by far the best screen recorder available today. Unfortunately it also comes with a premium price tag which, while great value to professionals, might not be affordable to everyone. Here is how you can use free Microsoft applications to achieve some thing similar. What you will need: Download and install Microsoft Screenrecorder. This is what will be used to record your screen. Windows Screen Magnifier. This comes included with Windows 7. This is what will allow you to zoom in and zoom out. Note: Aero must be enabled for this to work. To launch it, click Start, type magnifier and … Continue reading

Setting up Windows 7 for Canadians

Why is this important? This may be news to some people but Canada does have it’s own standards and spellings. Applications like Microsoft Office are aware of this and will spell check and in some cases even auto correct your spelling incorrectly if Windows thinks you are typing in a non-Canadian English, typically U.S. English which is different. For example, once spells the word “centre” with an “re” whereas it is spelled “center” in the U.S. If you want to look smart, use Canadian English when typing up documents, reports and even resumes and let your computer know where it … Continue reading

When not to use Chrome for Web Development

One of the situations where you shouldn’t use Chrome is when you want to get a snapshot of the HTML for the purpose of copying and pasting it into the W3C Markup Validator. When it comes to viewing the source code, Chromes HTML viewer works a little different than the viewers in Internet Explorer and Firefox. It’s more of a live HTML viewer. In fact it submits a request and displays a response from the web server each time you refresh the HTML Source view. In addition, Chrome will sometimes add additional markup. It’s also not the most reliable viewer. … Continue reading

New “Text Document” context menu missing after associating Notepad++ with .txt files

Shortly after associating Notepad++ with .txt files, I noticed that the Text Document option had disappeared from the Windows Explorer menu. Using regedit, I took a look in the Windows registry: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.txt The first thing I noticed was that the registry key was actually .TXT instead of .txt. Not only that, but the contents of the registry were not at all what they were supposed to be: Default was set to Notepad++_file Notepad++_backup was set to textfile ShellNew was set to Nullfile This key obviously belongs to Notepad++ or one of it’s plugins. However it is completely unnecessary to associate Notepad++ … Continue reading

Don’t believe everything you think

If your life, or the life of someone you really love depended on your every thought being 100% truthful and accurate, how long would you live… really? Everyone makes up stories to give meaning or understanding to life events and to fill in for missing knowledge. Repeated over time, these become assumptions and part of our decision making process as we mov though life. They even become memes as we share this information with others. Lies, even if just told to ourselves, tend to catch up with us and may no longer serve us well at some critical moment in … Continue reading

Getting Started in WET 3.1

Ramping up on WET 3.x and HTML5 standards can be overwhelming but it is so worth it as there is a lot of new functionality that comes built-in. Here is some information that you might find helpful. The following topics are covered in this article: Share Your Ideas! Images Magically Resizing WET 3.1 Browser Widths Useful Online Resources and Tools How to Install a Bookmarklet Bookmarklet: WAVE Current Page Bookmarklet: W3C Validate Current Page Bookmarklet: Link and URL Extractor Bookmarklet: Resize this page Bookmarklet: WET 3.1 Working Examples Search Engine Making Columns and Same Height Columns in WET Wrapping DIVs … Continue reading

How to Set the Opacity of a DIV Background Using CSS

Some people call it the smoked or glass effect — it’s the ability to set the opacity or transparency of a background of an overlaying div using CSS. You might want to use this technique to ensure text is clearly legible when it overlays an image or even other text without blocking it completely. While you could use opacity:0.5 to make it 50% transparent, this has the side effect of making everything in the DIV semi-transparent, not just the background. If this isn’t your intention, save that one for another time. A better solution is to use rgba() which controls … Continue reading