Words of Wisdom: We shouldn’t all be millionaires

Think about this for a moment. If you make everyone millionaires, all you end up doing is devaluating your currency. In fact, the same can be said of raising minimum wage. Everything ends up being more expensive because employers then need to pay everyone higher salaries.

So when should you get a raise? When you provide added value to their employers… not just because they've sat in a chair pushing the same button for a long time.

If you can help, contribute and help your employer build their business and make more money, why wouldn't they be delighted to pay you more? If not, it might be time to go help someone else build their business and make more money.

Words of Wisdom: Solving a Problem

If you have a problem with an individual, talk to the individual. Nobody needs more general rules, regulations and laws to solve individual problems. When you take global action to solve an individual problem, you are setting yourself up for failure because nobody is going to remember all your rules. Those who do remember all your rules will likely do so just for the sake of finding loopholes.

Words of Wisdom: How to drop the bad attitude

Having trouble giving up that bad attitude? Want to change it? I can help you with that. First, go find it again and get ready to say goodbye to it. I'll give you and your bad attitude a few more moments. You've probably been together for a while. I understand how it is.

Ready? Ok, here we go.


Hold on!

Not too much longer.

Wait for it…

Almost there…

Just a few more seconds…

There you go! You may now give up your attitude.

Thank you for your patience. You may now be happy in life without the attitude. 🙂

It's as simple as that. If you find it harder to do than this, the problem isn't with people around you but within yourself. Ask yourself why you are holding onto it so dearly? What basic need of yours does it serve in your life? Nobody is watching. It's alright to be completely honest with yourself. Once you have the answer, find another more positive way to fulfil that need and say goodbye to the bad attitude.

Words of Wisdom: Love Yourself First

As you learn to love yourself, you will also begin to feel worthy and brave to let others see and appreciate the wonderful loving person that is inside you.

Words of Wisdom: Free hugs once a day

Such a basic human thing that any human should be able to give another. It costs nothing so everyone can afford to give free hugs. I would be grateful if a teacher gave my kid a hug if they were having a bad day. The best part about giving a hug is that you usually get one back -- for free!

Words of Wisdom: Feeling loved vs being respected

What do you crave more, to feel loved or to just be respected? I believe that people who don't feel loved in an intimate relationship unfortunately often try to settle for respect.

Words of Wisdom: Be the change

Your true power lies in being the change not in waiting for it.

You already have everything you need to start making it happen.

Words of Wisdom: How to Learn

If you are going to learn, you must do it by listening. Step up and pay attention to people, to work/school, to life. Free education is available to those who look for it.

Words of Wisdom: Having a Bad Day? Smile!

Having a bad day?


This act floods your brain with feel-good chemicals making you more cheerful.

Lucky for you, unlimited do-overs are included when it comes to smiling. Keep practising!

Words of Wisdom: Question Everything!

Question Everything! Don't have a really good reason to believe something? Open your mind to new possibilities.

Sure you could be wrong. Having an open mind doesn't mean that you are right. It means you are open to better ways of seeing things when they come along.