Some WordPress shortcodes seem to work in Text widgets while others don't. Here is how to make all your shortcodes work.

While installing Ultimate TinyMCE might not be the first thing to come to mind as as the solution, installing  it not only fixes this problem, it will also make it possible to add features you always wished were included in the WordPress WYSIWYG editor such as text colour, anchors, superscript, non-breaking spaces and lots more.

Once you've have Ultimate TinyMCE installed:

  • Click Settings in the WordPress Dashboard's left menu.
  • Click Ultimate TinyMCE.
  • Scroll down to the Miscellaneous Options and Features section.
  • Make sure that the Allow shortcode usage in widget text areas option is checked.
  • Optional: If you want to use PHP in widgets, do the same for Use PHP Text Widget.

Don't forget to save the settings. Each section on this page has it's own button for this so make sure you use the right one.

All of your shortcodes should now work in the widgets.