What follows is a list of add-ons we have either used ourselves on our own websites, were recommended to us or have implemented for our clients. As these are often developed and supported by a user community with limited resources, please be sure to always fully test a module for your particular needs before committing to using it.

Modules -- Frontend

These are modules that will interact with visitors to your website.

Modules -- Administrative

These are modules whose purpose is to make your life, as a webmaster, a little easier.

Unsorted Plugins

  • Bunny's Technorati Tags -- For SEO and Technorati links
  • Digital Fingerprint -- To keep scrapers having to display my sig in article
  • Fold Page List- Expand sub pages for asthetics
  • Fold Category List -- Expand Category list for asthetics
  • In Series -- For articles that I have series and want to show related
  • Jerome's Keywords -- SEO
  • List Subpages -- list subpages
  • Link Indication -- Show Arrows after external links on whole site
  • Optimal Title -- SEO and correct format for titles
  • Post Updated -- Show when the post was updated if it was
  • Post Teaser -- Show part of post on page to click for more..
  • Plugins Used Plugin -- show all plugins used
  • References -- show where I refer to in posts
  • Related Posts -- show related links, SEO, user friendly
  • WP-ContactForm -- must have to contact, easiest for me to use and config
  • WP-EMail -- so people can email an article
  • WP-Print -- so people can print user friendly format of post
  • WP-GenericFooter -- I add a symbol at end of each article so known its the end
  • Search Pages -- If you have pages on your site.
  • Spam Karma 2 & SpamKarma 2 Akismet Plugin -- Get the best of both worlds
  • WP-GenericFooter


In addition to the many themes (templates) that are included with WordPress, we recommend the following:

  • Thesis -- A highly customizable and SEO ready theme.
  • Weaver II -- One of the best free alternatives to Thesis