Having trouble giving up that bad attitude? Want to change it? I can help you with that. First, go find it again and get ready to say goodbye to it. I'll give you and your bad attitude a few more moments. You've probably been together for a while. I understand how it is.

Ready? Ok, here we go.


Hold on!

Not too much longer.

Wait for it…

Almost there…

Just a few more seconds…

There you go! You may now give up your attitude.

Thank you for your patience. You may now be happy in life without the attitude. 🙂

It's as simple as that. If you find it harder to do than this, the problem isn't with people around you but within yourself. Ask yourself why you are holding onto it so dearly? What basic need of yours does it serve in your life? Nobody is watching. It's alright to be completely honest with yourself. Once you have the answer, find another more positive way to fulfil that need and say goodbye to the bad attitude.