Here are a few assessments you can take for free. If you find yourself wondering what to do with the results, contact a professional life coach for assistance.

6 Human Needs Assessment

The test, scoring, survey and interpretation information is available online. There is also an online version that makes it easier for groups and clients to take and score at their own pace and convenience.

Tony Robbins DISC Assessment

This Personal Strengths Profile, or Disc Index, is a modern interpretation of Dr. William Marston's behavioural dimensions. Marston's research uncovered four quadrants of behaviour which help to understand a person's behavioural preferences. This Disc Index will help you understand your behavioural style and how to maximize your potential

RichardStep Aptitude Test for Strengths and Weaknesses

This is a great free alternative to Strengths Finder 2.0 test included with the book by the same name. Best of all, they don't require that you enter any personal information in order to get your results.

Learning Style Quiz

Have you ever wondered why it seems to hard for you to learn things sometimes while other times you just seem to be able to absorb the information like a sponge? While having an interest in the subject matter certainly helps, most people tend to have a predominant learning style.

16 Personalities Assessment

Get a concrete, accurate description of who you are and why you do things the way you do. Kind of like Myers-Briggs.

A few more…