Many people will tell you that you can modify your behaviour but your personality, who you are as an individual and as a human being is locked in for life. But is it really?

Have you ever found it in yourself to do something so scary, something that was completely unlike you, that took every ounce of courage and complete disregard for logic and all your previous experience? No, I am not talking about getting married (in case some of you were wondering).

Have you ever gone bungy jumping for the first time or done a firewalk? If you've walked on fire as I have, you will know that it is in those few defining moments, as you overcome your fears, your preconceived ideas of what is possible and not possible and actually walked across those burning hot coals, that your personality IS transformed. What is your personality? It's your beliefs about WHO you are. It is those beliefs that actually control your behaviour. Imagine who you would be, what your life would be without your fears, without your preconceptions and without your limitations? What could you accomplish? Who could you help? Ultimately it may not be a matter of changing your personality but pealing away learned behaviour and re-discovering and freeing the real you burried deep inside.