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Words of Wisdom: Taking Action Successfully

Decide to take action today. Didn’t work? Pay attention. You now have an education. Use what you learned and go back to step 1.

Words of Wisdom: Have a problem?

Do you have a problem? No => then don’t worry Yes => can you do something about it? No => then don’t worry Yes => then don’t worry Yep. It really is just that simple.

Looking for a good man?

What is a good man anyway? A very common problem when searching for your ideal partner is that most people haven’t gone through the process of figuring out what they want. While this is the purpose of dating, most people… Continue Reading →

Words of Wisdom: Learn From Your Experiences

Whatever you are going through can serve you. Learn from these opportunities, lead your life and help those around you.

Words of Wisdom: Dealing with a Bad Day

We all have bad days — we are just human. We can also move forward using gratitude in the present and focus on a positive future

Words of Wisdom: Write Your Future

Your future need not reflect your past for it has yet to be written. Each day is blank page waiting for your new life stories.

Words of Wisdom: Focus on your future

Why is your car’s windshield so much bigger than its rear-view mirror? Because it’s more important to focus on your future than your past.

What do I master in life

Time should be spent mastering any skill you are passionate about that will lead you to where you want to go in life, whether that is programming computers or something else. If you are not sure where you want to… Continue Reading →

Information Overload? Refill your bucket

Your brain needs time to process information it is absorbing. If you don’t give it that space, it may lead to information overload where you start to feel overwhelmed all the time. If you are feeling overwhelmed and experiencing information… Continue Reading →

In challenging times, remember this…

You learned to walk. You learned to talk. You learned to love and how to forgive. Don’t believe. Have faith. Things will work out and, if you pay attention, your life will get better. Be grateful for what you do… Continue Reading →

The Secret to Happiness is Reflection and Gratitude


May the world overcome bigotry and prejudice, and find peace, love and acceptance in 2016

Respect for others seems to be a fleeting quality at times… but then, just when you least expect it, the best in people comes out restoring faith that things can change. There will always be bad apples out there and… Continue Reading →

It’s not about the nail

There was so much conflict in the world this year (2015). At an early age, I was taught to use my words instead of aggression. What if people all around the world started talking instead of fighting and trying to blow… Continue Reading →

Motivational Video: A Credo for Making It Happen

Love this video. Just make it happen!

Figuring Yourself Out with Self-Discovery

Been on the road to self-discovery for a while? Don’t be too hard on yourself. People are always changing as a result of their life experiences, whether they realize it or not. So don’t be too surprised if, shortly after you… Continue Reading →

The Power of Hello!

HELLO! Do you say “Hello!” to strangers when walking down the street? You can even be fancy and say “Good morning!” or “Good evening!”. Time and time again, I have seen the unfriendliest looking face turn warm and friendly using that one… Continue Reading →

Don’t believe everything you think

If your life, or the life of someone you really love depended on your every thought being 100% truthful and accurate, how long would you live… really? Everyone makes up stories to give meaning or understanding to life events and… Continue Reading →

What is Your Perception of the Economy?

It’s a very interesting question. Down in the U.S. and even in most parts of the world, the economy has taken a beating over the past several years. While not immune, according to the Invest in Canada Factsheet, this has… Continue Reading →

Bestest, fastest, easiest ways to proof your writing

If you write blogs, content for a website or even just status updates on social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, readers of your content will consider this a reflection of who you are and the quality of… Continue Reading →

Business Telephone Message Scripts

An effective voice mail message is actually a well crafted script. Although you will have to substitute certain words such as the name of the person, you can actually  create a script which comes across as confident. An effective script… Continue Reading →

Top 6 Business Card Design Mistakes

There are two points in time when your business card will be of most use to people you give it to: When you first give it to them. First impressions are an opportunity that people give you to make a… Continue Reading →

Finding fun and play in your work

Anything you do can be fun and meaningful to you. It’s all a matter of how you look at it. Wayne Dyer says that when you change the way you look things, what you see changes and what you do… Continue Reading →

Forms and assessments for coaches

Check out “Coach U’s Essential Coaching Tools: Your Complete Practice Resource” book. It includes over 500 pages of client-centered and coach-centered assessments, forms checklists, budgeting and organizational aids, tips as well as the essential marketing aids that every coach needs… Continue Reading →

How to find the woman of your dreams

Everyone has a need to feel loved but some people find it difficult to connect with others. It doesn’t help that in North American culture, women will often expect that men will ask them out. It may sound counter intuitive… Continue Reading →

Can You Change Your Personality or Just Your Behaviour?

Many people will tell you that you can modify your behaviour but your personality, who you are as an individual and as a human being is locked in for life. But is it really? Have you ever found it in yourself… Continue Reading →

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