Start by writing up your questions for the interview.

Send them to the person before the actual interview so they can be prepared. Nobody likes surprises.

Whenever possible, call the interviewer or at the very least provide them with a local/national number to call.

If the interview is being done with live attendees:

  1. Welcome attendees
  2. Introduce yourself and the interview session
  3. Describe the format and any post events (stuff coming up afte the interview)
  4. Introduce the guest, who they are and what they've done

Write up the questions for the Interview and send them to the person before you actually do it so that they can prepare things. You don't want to do his off the cuff.

  1. Start with an intro about who the person is and what they've done.
  2. Welcome them to the interview.
  3. Ask your questions in order.
  4. At the end, ask the person if they'd like to add anything. This is where they will give some last thoughts and give their promotional link.
  5. Thank them for their time and say your goodbyes, making sure you repeat the link that they gave the people.