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301 Permanent Moved

If you plan on moving a web page permanently, add a redirection to the website. There are downloadable plug-in modules available for CMS applications like WordPress to help you manage this if it isn't a built-in feature.

IMPORTANT: Only enter the paths -- do not enter the domain. For example:

Old Path: /en/contact-us/

New Path: /eng/contact/

302 Temporarily Moved

If you want to move page temporarily, perhaps because you are in the process of creating a replacement, this is the right option for you.

It is recommended that you insert the following information on a page, even if it is being redirected -- just in case the redirection doesn't work. If you are removing the information completely, see "Removed pages" [TODO] instead.

Also change the page title to "Redirected -- 201Y-MM-DD to". This will help in locating redirected pages for periodic removal.

Important: Please be sure to fill in the dates and update the New Address and Link before saving the text to a new page.

The information you are looking for has moved (201Y-MM-DD)

New Address:

Please update any links you may have with this new location.

If your browser doesn't automatically take you to the new page, click on the above link.

You can find information on the Invest in Canada Web site using one of the following methods:

Search Engine

The search engine offers quick access to information through keywords or phrase searches.

Site Map

The site map is a visual model of the layout and content of the main pages of the Invest in Canada web site.

Contact us

If you can't find what you are looking for, please contact us.

L'information que vous cherchez a été déplacée (201A-MM-JJ)

Nouvelle adresse:

N'oubliez pas de mettre à jours vos signets.

Si votre navigateur Web ne vous emmenes pas à la nouvelle page automatiquement, cliqué sur le liens ci-dessus.

Vous trouverez de l'information sur le site Investir au Canada en utilisant l'une des options suivantes :

Moteur de recherche

Le moteur de recherche facilite l'accès à l'information en utilisant des mots clés ou des groupes de mots (en français et en anglais.

Plan du site

Le plan du site est le modèle visuel du contenu principal du site Web d'Investir au Canada.


Si vous ne pouvez pas trouver ce que vous cherchez, veuillez communiquez avec nous.